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Fair Price for 14-50 Outlet Install?

Lots of folks here seem to have some experience getting the 14-50 outlets installed in their garages, so I wanted to get some opinions on this. Is $621 (plus permit) a fair price to run a 25 foot conduit from the subpanel and install the 14-50 outlet? Is it close enough to fair given that our electric utility rebates half the cost upon delivery of the Model S (incidentally, the guys at Ausitn Energy test drove the Model S at the Get Amped event here and LOVED it)? Thanks!

I got a quote for $650 from Solar City for about the same distance. Private electrician in Silicon valley asked for ~$400-500 (estimate only).

Here in So Cal I paid about $250.00 for mine, however, it didn't require a permit, and I only needed two feet of conduit for the area I had it placed (right behind my 220 panel).

@tikiman, that's a great price.

Bit more main panel is located outside wall of my 2 car garage (attached). unfortunately, electrician would have to run a conduit above the garage to the other side where I'll be parking my S. he said, if it was on the same side of the wall, it would be $450.

Tiki...I'm jealous...I could put it by the panel, but I'd hate myself everytime I had to stretch the cord to the back of the car. Sounds like it's not terribly out of line, especially after the rebate.

@jchangyy, yeah, I have to go over a door and around a corner or else it sounded more like $350-400.

Labor 300
parts about 50

A little complicated to integrate with a subpanel used for solar and a run back to the right place in the garage, and included 4 120v sockets
Same contractor added about 1kw to our solar panels with microinverters

All told, a good price and a good job! This is in Menlo Park Ca

In Morgan Hill, I paid $450 to install an outdoor 14-50 right below the panel (2 ft) and a new breaker on that panel for the outlet.

$621 is not bad, considering a 25 foot run. Some skilled DIY installs run about $150 bucks, plus whatever your time is worth. It seems like it could get really expensive if your electric service needs upgrading, or if you have a very long run. From owner accounts and photos, it also seems like the more you pay, the better it looks. Make sure you ask "what's it gonna look like"?

I paid $950, but had to route 100 ft of 6 gauge copper wire from basement on the opposite end of my house, fishing the wire through a finished basement ceiling, up into garage. Then I had two NEMA 14-50 outlets installed so I can easily park in any of 3 stalls in garage. Obviously I can only use one outlet at a time, because they are both on the same 50A breaker. I thought the price was fair for the amount of work they did!

@David M, if I were to DIY something like this, you'd see a post on here from my wife about "Who The Electric Car Killed!" rather than "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

looks like a fair price, i did my own with about 65' of 6 gage wire - materials were about 250..

Based on my broad range of quotes (in Arizona), you have a good value. I'd have it done at that price without any regrets. Permits seem to be "optional" in many areas; that's your call. Be sure the contractor is licensed, and I watched my contractor the whole time. He clearly knew what he was doing, and I learned a few things as well.

Also, after installation is done, contractor should test the draw to/from the outlet, and provide you proof of that draw.

I am in Texas and got a quote from Mr. was for ~$600. I called my regular electrician and was quoted less than $200 over the phone without him even coming out. When he came, it took him about 30 minutes from start to finish. Considering my install was near the panel in the garage it is not a difficult installation. Besides the wire, the materials are less than $30 in most cases.

In Morgan Hill CA, just installed this morning - $270. Inside it didn't require a permit, and I only needed a few feet of conduit for the area I had it placed (right behind my main panel).Also installed new breaker.

In So. CA I paid $520 to run 25 feet conduit and plug from a private electrician.

It depends on distance, snaked inside walls or outside in conduits and whether you want kill switch at garage end. Sad to have a great car and ugly wiring job. I'd stick to code though or you run the risk of invalidating your insurance (long story, but the insurance lawyers agree...e.g. three NEMA 14-50s on a single 240V/50A breaker is not code anywhere even if used one at a time). Keep in mind insurcos decide after your house burns down whether to pay you.

It only costed $227 in my parents' house, but that's because it is a new house and I asked them to ask the electrician before the house was even wired. I'm actually just about to call someone today to find out about doing it at my house.

I just added one myself yesterday, NEMA 14-50 outlet $16.59 and 3 feet of Romex $3.27 at OSH, took less than an hour.

Nema 14-50 $10 on Amazon, 50 amp breaker $10 Electrician to install 4 foot conduit $120..of course my panel is right where I am going to park

I am in Florida. I had electrician do it for $152, which included all materials and installation. Outlet location is inside my garage about 3' under my breaker panel. No permit was needed. It took him less than and hour.

** Note **
Solar City is not in Florida and the alternate recommendation was Mr. Electric. They gave me a quote for $2,300. They wanted to install sub panel and blah blah blah. Needless to say, the $152 option from another electrician was better option.


Related question: How long is the Tesla 10kWh charger extension cord? and can it be plug on the ceiling of a garage

The position of my 14-50 plug will depend on its length but I have a 100A circuit running through the ceiling of my garage for my inground pool heater and would like to use it (make a Y) to charge my Model S at night.

I was quoted $950 by a local company in Charlotte NC. Instead I opted for a DIY project (several friends of mine a very handy with electric) and it only cost $250 for a sub-panel, breakers and 6 feet of 6 gauge copper wire. Works great too!

$595 for about 30' of conduit, another 20' in basement ceiling and new breaker. Nema 14-50.

I was quoted $900 by Solar City and $600 by a local electrician in LA for 14-50 NEMA installation requiring about 45 feet of conduit.

That would be against code. The only way that would work would be to use a throw-over switch between the two loads however this would also require the operation on the 100A CB because you can't exactly switch a 100A circuit under load. It is just more feasible to run new 100A wiring from the CB panel or a sub-panel.

thanks JulyModels

but argh... I will ask an electrician to come and evaluate but if he has to run a new wire then it needs new breakers which means a big rearangement of my electrical panel (it is full currently). That will add to the cost.

I paid about $270 for the copper wire, outlet, breaker and conduit at Home Depot. I overestimated the run by 10 feet and the store gave me about 3 feet extra for free. I ran the wire and installed the conduit and then I paid an electrician $90 to hook up both ends of the wire and do a quick test. Panel to the spot I wanted the outlet was about 42 feet.

I got a $600 quote from a reputable electrician and " $1200-1500 " from a reputable electrician that hates work

I paid $600 to run 100A cable 25ft across the top of the garage (no conduit) and a 100A breaker. The 14-50 receptacle is temporary until I get the HPWC, and they will charge me another $150 to come back and swap out the 14-50 for the HPWC when it arrives.

I never did get a call from Solar City's preferred partner (SC doesn't service Georgia), but I have used this electrician before and was happy with the quote, so I didn't try and contact them.