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4.0=Alarm,Voice Commands, Auto-Presenting Door Handles,Vehicle Sleep, App Launcher, Range Driving Mode, and many more...

thank you. Looking forward to my MS

Thanks for posing the update. Awesome stuff.

Super cool.

Wow, this is great. Looking forward to it. Thanks for posting. Any idea when this will become available? The notes just say "in the coming days".

couldn't open the file. It said it was "damaged" and needed repair. Can you repost? Or has anyone else had the same problem?

I opened problem.

it opened up fine for me

Maestrokneer: Send me your email, I'll send the pdf file to you.

anything about automatic folding mirrors?


THIS is just SO COOL!!

Tesla is light years ahead of the other car manufacturers!

Thanks for posting!

"vehicle sleep" brings to my mind a feature I would like to add: put the 17 inch monitor to sleep or blank it while driving. Only the monitor, not the computer behind it. Less distraction and light when it is dark outside. If I need it I could either tap one of the controls on the steering wheel or the screen itself.

Timo -- I thought that that feature already exists? I forget where exactly, but it's somewhere in the "controls" dialog. I'm nowhere near my car right now, so I can't check.

So cool. Thanks. Now, if I only had the car :)

Can you please send to me!?? I cant open.

This is amazing! Now if they can figure out how to get a coatrack installed via a software update.

@michaelwm, if that is already there my only complaint about touchscreen instead of traditional controls just gone away, so, Cool!

Okay, I guess I imagined it!

I explored the "controls" dialog this evening and could only find options to turn off the car as a whole. Nothing that lets you turn off just the 17" screen. You can dim it down to zero, but that also dims the instrument panel, so it's still not even close to what you're looking for.



'My mirrors" are first in line!
Coatrack next

HaHa! I meant coat hanger but I think you knew that.