"The Standard Suspension enters production in January 2013 and may delay delivery."

This actually doesn't affect me, but I figured that I would post it anyway. FYI, this info is coming from the Design/COnfiguration section of Tesla's website...When certain options are selected, if there is a conflict, a little 'i' in a circle appears.

I know there is no search feature to find things but that link will take you to the extensive discussion.

I wish there was a search feature because I have gone as far back as page 26 to find a previous post and I'm not ever doing that again! :/

Although, going back to page 40 does feel like your opening a time capsule! :D

I think it's Brain H or Timo..... one of them is good about pulling up past threads. I was surprised this one hadn't been done already. Google does work for search this forum.

Yes, just include "" in a Search using any search engine.

Speaking of which, there's a new "anonymous" search tool on the block: StartPage, or Ixquick outside the U.S. It uses its own IP to search Google, then strips all ads and ID info and includes the output in your results.