saving a vehicle

Hey guys, how do you save a car in the dashboard logon?

You configure it, then save it at the end...

Same problem. I've logged in, configured and don't see a way to save the configuration. I even went to the order button but not quite ready to pony up 5000 for the privilege of saving a configuration :-)

I can see the "Save" button when designing a roadster, but no longer see the it for the Model S.

Tesla web Designers! Fix that! how can people show off their dream cars when they can't save it!?

The ability to save a design of the Model S has been gone for a few months now. Originally I had saved 2 versions some months back. I then decided to make some changes and deleted those two. I found afterwards that you couldn't save the design choice anymore.
I made a comment on the Model S board a while back.
I verified it wasn't my computer as I tried on two computers, one desktop and an IPAD. Cleared all cookies etc. No go.
I am surprised that the people that run the website haven't fixed this earlier.

Still broke, eh?