Sacramento to New York in 10 Days

The fun starts tomorrow. Just finished a full charge at the Rocklin Roadster HPC. Tomorrow's drive is from the Sacramento area to Las Vegas, the easiest and fastest part of the trip thanks to the Superchargers!


Good luck and have fun!

I hope you're taking the southern route on I-10 since most of the RV parks along I-80 and I-70 are closed in winter.
You might post this to the private Tesla community if you want them to offer up local HPWCs on your route.

Re: JackB

What type of outlet are you using at home?

Who was the installer?

Thanks for the tips! The route over is through the South, and all the charge spots have been confirmed. I charge from a 14-50 outlet in the garage at home.

Day one went well and the Superchargers worked flawlessly, but with nearly 600 miles to cover we didn't check into the Cosmopolitan until a little after midnight. I was a little apprehensive about valeting the car (they told me to leave the Roadster HPC adapter cable in the back seat and they would take care of the rest), but by the time we were checked in I could see from the iPhone app that the car was charging at 70A. Sweet!


This is exciting! Jack, have you found any 70 amp chargers for the trip across?

Jack, are you going to post your route? I'm interested in taking the car from Sacramento to Denver and there are some areas where it appears the only charging options may be RV sites. Thanks much for sharing the details with us!

Would be interested in the route and charging stops. Considering a trip in the future from the Washington, DC area to Phoenix, AZ. My white Performance was shipped this past Thursday and is expected to arrive in the next few days.

Would love to follow you on Twitter! Doin' that?

The S isn't new to the Cosmopolitan valet staff!

Day 2 (Vegas to Phoenix) went well, but we forgot about the time zone change and had to scramble a bit to make the 6:30 energy presentation we were putting on. Day three was a struggle as it appears one of our two on-board chargers may not be working. We only got 17A from a Blink charger overnight and had to charge most of the miles we drove for the day. But now we've revamped remaining trip plan around 40A RV outlets (which still charge at the full rate), and should be able to stay on track (though getting to our Dallas/Ft Worth presentation by 6:30 pm Wed will be a stretch).


P.S. Am tweeting the trip from @JackBowers #TeslaRoadTrip

@JackB | MARCH 5, 2013: Day three was a struggle as it appears one of our two on-board chargers may not be working. We only got 17A from a Blink charger overnight and had to charge most of the miles we drove for the day. But now we've revamped remaining trip plan around 40A RV outlets (which still charge at the full rate)

If you are charging at 40A or less then you are still using only one onboard charger. Some people are reporting that some Blink EVSs have been derated due to pins overheating. Maybe you got one of those?

If you are planning on driving east on I-10 from Phoenix, you may want to consider the J1772 70A EVSs at Picacho Peak, AZ. Those EVSs would use both your onboard chargers. you have a red signature? i think I may have me you at harris Ranch when i was waiting for you to finish charging as I pulled up in my black MS.

You were eating subway?

Yes, Red Sig #43, and we had just enough time to scarf down Subway sandwiches before hitting the road to the Lebec Supercharger. We have a customized Roadster HPC on board that lets us charge at 70A from two 14-50 outlets, but the car is limiting to either 35A or 40A on that too. But now with a revised plan where we are either driving or charging around the clock, we're finding that we can still do about 400 miles per day. And it's not even that bad as it takes 10 hours for a full overnight charge - plently of time for a good night's sleep. The trick is finding RV parks (preferrably KOAs, which are EV friendly) that are close to hotels. But between the KOA directory and the iPhone it hasn't been too hard to line things up. Today we're getting a late start; will drive from Vernon, TX to Hot Springs, AR, a distance of about 360 miles.


How much do the KOAs charge to charge?

Awesome trip, please post your full route when finished.

Back at home; total trip miles 8099. Fastest day was the last one, driving from Las Vegas to Reno the long way (along the Supercharger route) - 770 miles in 16.5 hours (includes an hour wait at Harris Ranch). Biggest challenge was finding hotels and RV parks close by. It wasn't always possible - I resorted to staying in KOA cabins on several occasions. Here are the charge stops I used on the return:

Vegas Overnight - Roadster charger on 6th floor of Venetian self-park garage.
KOA Grand Canyon
Holbrook, AZ KOA overnight (hotels nearby)
Grants Cibola Sands KOA
La Loma Lodge & RV Park (Santa Rosa, NM) overnight
Tucumari KOA
Amarillo, TX KOA
Elk City, OK KOA (overnight in deluxe cabin)
Rockwell RV Park Oklahoma city
Checotah, OK LOA
Morrilton, AR RV Park overnight (dumpy park with dumpy hotel nearby)
RV Park just South of Graceland in Memphis
Nashville overnight (great place with KOA and lots of public chargers
Crossville KOA near Dollywood
Bristol, TN overnight (used Blink charger 7 miles from hotel (NASCAR booked out the town)
Natural Bridge KOA near Lexington
Charlottesville KOA (hotel nearby)
Newark, DE Supercharger

In a few days I'll post a thread titled tips for cross-country trips. Be sure to check it out -


Jack - Awesome trip, congrats! I've put together from other owners on this board and on TMC a list of overnight charging locations, I'll try and add several new ones you reported to the map today.

(Tesla's web browser does not support HTML5 geolocation, so it uses your 3G connection's IP address to locate you and doesn't work that well. Fix that please Tesla!!)

(And yes I just noticed the Nashville Mariott is off the coast of Africa, I'll get that fixed!)

No clickable data on the NM or OK pins.

Followup on the onboard charger issue (despite having two onboard chargers, the car would only charge at 40A from Roadster HPCs after the second day of the trip). This morning the car had trouble waking up for a drive to work - like it was still doing updates from the 4.3 software update installed several days ago. But when I got to work and put it on the charger, surprise! The charge rate returned to normal (in this case, 80A from a Clipper Creek J1772 unit). So it appears the problem must have been software/firmware related.



In the 1870's the transcontinental railroad could get you from San Francisco to New York in about 7 days, including all stops. As a publicity stunt a chartered train, the Jarret and Palmer Special, made the trip from New York to San Francisco in 84 hours, or 3.5 days, at an average speed of about 40 miles per hour. This required the cooperation of several railroads, changing locomotives 20 times, and over 70 stops.


Nice job! Can't wait for Tesla superchargers all the way to avoid "dumpy park with dumpy hotel nearby."

Yes, it'll be a fun trip to repeat when there's an East/West Supercharger corridor. Might even be able to beat the train record as 1000 miles a day would be possible.


Good job,Jack. My wife and I did the trip from Berkeley, CA to NYC in about 13 days and mainly traveled on I-80 where we were able to get into RV parks all along the way, even ones that were technically closed. The park owners would allow us to drive in, plug in, and leave money in an envelope afterwards. Of course, many places simply told us they were closed and to try elsewhere. But we always found a plug somewhere without that much trouble, often at little or no cost to us (we were charged anywhere from $5 to $20 for a full 270 mile charge for our P85). We kept copious logs of where we went and other details of the charging in spreadsheet form. I'd be happy to upload these if I only knew how to do so. We'll be returning, perhaps by your route, in late June.

Anyways, congratulations. It confirmed my faith in the car and in EVs generally.

@Bob Kroll,
It sounds like you have a spreadsheet of very useful data.
You can post successful charging sites on,, and/or
This will make them easily available for all EV drivers.

You can also post entire spreadsheets on GoogleDocs, and reference the URL here.

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