Parking with charging near SeaTac Airport

In response to an ad from SeaTacPark, I inquired whether they offer parking with charging. Yes! Level 1--perfect for most of us. Here's a link to a report by a happy Nissan owner from 6/11:

The disclaimer--I haven't tried it, but I just received the email saying it is available this afternoon.

Excellent! Thanks for sharing!


I haven't had good luck with GFI outlets. Anyone else have success?

Just left my Tesla S for 2 weeks at the Masterpark G garage. They have several ChargePoint chargers they will hook you up to for free. They charged me up to a full charge and then parked it in the garage. I checked via my app prior to returning & had lost about 80+ miles during the 2 weeks. Prior to hopping on the plane I called them and they put the car back on the charger to top me up before my return. I'm going to be out for about 5 weeks soon and am a bit apprehensive about the length of time in the garage w/o a continuous connection, but plan on talking to them about the availability of a 110V outlet to keep it topped off during the longer time.

Just parked at for a week. They have a special spot coned off near the entrance which has a 110V outlet next to it. Parked myself, plugged in and worked perfect. Still not sure I'm up for handing over my tesla key to a valet, so worked perfect for me. Also, no chance of door dings since the spot is in a dead end by itself.

MasterPark lot B has level two chargers. Valet only, but for EVs they will valet charge your car, no extra price.

Per this advise on this forum, I recently parked at MasterPark Lot B. At first I was nervous when the lady who checked me in asked "what kind of car is this?". In the end it was no problem. They charged it up for me without me even asking. With the Tesla app I was able to make sure the car was parked and not moved around. Likely that's where I will park again going forward.

+1 for MasterPark Lot B

They charged the car for free. Frequent shuttles to and from the terminals, and dropoff and pickup were quick. The lot seems to be quite secure. A very professional operation.

I've used the 110v outlets several times at the SeaTac lot. They work fine. They keep the battery conditioned and charge you very slowly. If no slot is available, no big deal since our range is so good. Especially with 5.6--I lose only 2-3 miles per night, even when cold.