Not so Super, Super Charging

I'm at the Harris Ranch Supercharger. Been here for 1 1/2 hrs. I have received just 100 miles of charge. Not so super... A tesla rep came up, and informed me which spot he thought to be best. The other Super Charging sites have been as advertised, very quick...

Earlier this week, when I came through, three of the chargers were not charging. Everyone was frustrated. One guy in spot #3, had to hold the cord to make it charge...

"Ain't know knowbody got time for dat!"

NOT COOL! planning the memorial day trip, see posted forum

hope they fix this

I charged at Harris Ranch last week and had no problem.

Alex: I was assured by the rep that it will be fixed. I've heard that people are very hard on the chargers and they are constantly repairing them.

I've used the Gilroy superchargers twice, the second time this morning. My phone app said it was getting 75 miles / hour. My biggest complaint was that all four slots were filled so I had to wait for one to leave. Fortunately it was only 5-10 mins. But after I juiced up for 45 mins and returned, the other three slots were still charging the same three cars as when I arrived. Don't know how long they were there but I'm guessing some owners are squatting for hours. That seems a little rude...

I hope that everyone that uses the SCs and walks away from the car leaves a post-it with the ETA of full charge then moves the car once charged. A little bit of consideration goes a long way.

+1 SonomaDriver

An attitude change is needed. In early of this year, when there were only a limited number of MS out to the market, we could enjoy the luxury of leaving our MS at Gilroy SC while we were browsing around at the Outlets. Now there are so many of MS in the market, we need to adjust our attitude to be more considerate to other fellow MS owners who need the SC. Before TM can develop a smart way to reserve the SC slot for waiting MS owners, leaving a cell phone number on your MS so that next MS owner can reach you to let you know that your MS is fully charged would be a good and polite community spirit and manner.

Was there last week.....
No problems...
Order the blueberry cobbler while you charge.....

No such issues today at Tejon, Harris and Folsom. Full charge to 259 at Harris in 1.25 hours, partials of 200 at Harris and Folsom in 60 minutes.

Haven't used a SC yet (Texas), do they not have a read-out on the SC that displays rate of charge, time remaining, etc.? Would seem to be a no-brainer for TSLA.

Cattledog, the issue isn't (entirely) that you can't tell if someone's charge is complete or near-complete. The primary issue is that owners can tall that information from the app, the car, etc., but may not move their car promptly when done. The lack of a readout on the SCs does compound the problem of course, but mostly what's needed is a whiteboard at each "pump" to leave your cell number so someone can text and ask when you'll return, or at worst you can unlock your car remotely so the connector can be removed and used by someone else.

I need an app where my wife is when I am done charging at Gilroy... TM I need that urgently. It takes her at least half an hour and packed with bags. Supercharging is free but very expensive.


"or at worst you can unlock your car remotely so the connector can be removed and used by someone else."

Won't work - cable just barely reaches car in bay.

Supercharger Valet service!

Well, we have also public fast chargers, but there is space for 2-3 cars at each pump and cord long enough. You can see if the other car has fully charged and can take the cord to your car.

I use the SC in NY and since there isn't a big MS community here yet have not had to wait. Two suggestions to Tesla - cover the spots if it's raining. For owners you are going to get if its pouting outside. Second make the cord about 10 inches longer, I had to reposition the car a couple times to make the connection.

I haven't tried a longer trip than 100 miles yet, but will when I get comfortable with finding places other than HWY exits.

Have a fun weekend!

Still never had a single Super Charger problem in Florida. Just saying.

I noticed the same issues at Harris Ranch when I was there a few weeks back. Because of the constant red circle lights and slow charging at the new superchargers, i ended up drivign across the street to the original supercharger next to Shell. Filled up their super fast and did not have to worry about another car coming in and slowing the rate down.

Surely the superchargers should have a display on them that would indicate how long until the battery is full, and when it is send an alert to the owner's phone app requesting they unplug and park elsewhere.

It would also allow anyone waiting to know how long they might have to wait for.

@scoops: I think that is a very reasonable suggestion. Let's hope it will be acted upon. Good idea!

I heard rumors I hope are not true - that Tesla Owners who live very close to Super Charging Stations charge regularly at these stations instead of charging overnight at home. This creates unnecessary congestion and longer waiting periods. With the growth in numbers of Teslas on the road, I hope folks are considerate enough to use these stations as designed.

1. If drive-thru lanes, parking back to back, meeting where the SC cord is anchored, might allow the cord to reach. Since all MS are the same size, paint car outlines on the pavement.

2. Add second "hose" to pump with electronics to switch over when first reaches criteria.

3. Fix software to text the owner when criteria is reached.

4. Encourage drivers to pick up fast food first, then stay with car.

Institue a new policy that if someone lives within 20 miles of a Supercharger they can only use it once/month. This can be tracked via software/GPS.

@JZ13 - that would be silly. Why not 19 miles ? Not a good idea at all.

I think I have spoken with two people at Superchargers that were charging locally, in one case because the 240V outlet in his garage had not yet been installed. We have all heard stories about people abusing free charging and to the extent it happens, it hurts the cause for all of us.

Tragedy of the commons. Only solution is for it not to be free or to be reservation-based. The latter is worth a try before the former.

Tesla really does need to start using technology to allocate charging time.

First, a text when fully charged seems like a no-brainer.

Second, how about tracking how long people sit there, and cutting off their SC access for a month if they stay longer than an hour?

Rain/sun protection would be a big plus. It was hotter than hell in Gilroy on Friday when I had my first SC experience.

Last but not least, with only one SC in the entire Bay Area (where most MS owners are based), they need more bays in Gilroy. I was unable to charge on my way back from Monterey last evening because it was full. And on Sunday night there's nothing to do in Gilroy while you wait. Fortunately I had enough range to get home, but some people may not...

The idea that folks who live near a SC can't use it is absurd. Also, folks recharging locally likely won't need to charge for long versus a long distance traveler. If you buy a car that costs upwards of 100k and the company opens up SuperCharging stations, you use them, 'nuff said.

The SC system is a great idea. We are starting to see the start of teething problems. Tesla will need to scale the locations and number of bays to the number of cars on the road. I'm sure they can tell from the metrics how that needs to be accomplished.

The folks living near a SC need to be monitored and cut off from charging if necessary, 'nuff said.

Tesla has to build out the Supercharging so that there is NEVER a wait OR it has to set up a reservation system. They might sell 10K Model S in the bay area, so they better get a move on. Maybe every 50 miles in CA?

nvjx, Tesla sold this ground breaking car with a promise, unfettered access to SuperChargers. I really don't think "locals" are a major issue here. Cutting off a segment of a population buying cars in this price category would be financial suicide for a new company that is just now earning a profit.

Educating owners about best charging practices, adding screens on the info center about charging resources in the area and etiquette and building out infrastructure will help. Also, there needs to be a adapter to use with the CHAdeMO network would be key in that more resources would be available to Tesla owners.

It will take time to build out the infrastructure. This car is selling faster than the infrastructure can keep up. The more charging options available to drivers the better, especially with ultra fast DC charging.