Locations of Model S in Showrooms

Since Im relatively new, all I know is I would love to see the Model S in San Francisco. I am from Houston, and wanted to know if there are other Model S cars on display and where these were. Can anyone tell me?

There's a concept car on display in a museum. Other than that, none have been BUILT yet.

They start producing them in 2012, and not before.

According to the picture gallaries there were two protos build, a White one and a burgundy one. And according to the latest blogs and news the burguny Model S is sitting in the Tesla headquarter show room. Don't know where the white one is..
And if you read the frequently asked questions the plan is to have Preproduction models in the show rooms in late 2011.

There are currently just two:

White one's just a rolling prototype and is on display in the Autodesk Design Gallery in San Francisco:


Burgandy one's a driveable prototype (but with an interior and powertrain design that differs from what the final S will be) and is making the rounds at events.

Check out It's a very active forum and a great resource for info.

The prototype was built on a Mercedes C-class chassis is what I was told, the size of it would be equivalent to a BMW 7-series.

Where is the Tesla Hdqtr Showroom, and can the people like me go and visit California, and see the Burgandy one there ?

Tesla headquarter is in Palo Alto, Ca, 30 miles South of San Francisco. But I don't think its open to the public.
You can always email them on this site and ask to be let in, it doesn't hurt to ask, right?
Good Luck.

I went there last weekend, it's Open, but there is no Model S on display.

I see a lot of talk about the model S but I don't see much marketing or information that would have me to believe it's safe to reserve one of these cars with a $5000 dollar deposit. We also note that the dates keep moving around in relation to when the car will be available as well. We have a Nissan Leaf on order and feel comfortable that Nissan will produce the vehicle and deliver it as promised with a $99.00 dollar deposit. I really had hoped Tesla would have challenged the competition but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. The fact that you can't find one on the show room floor creates even more skepticism.

Reason why you can't see one in showrooms is that not one of those exists yet. Reason why dates have been shifting is that there was no facility to build them until recently.

There is no competition for Model S. Leaf is a small family-sized city car, Model S will be a luxury sedan with serious performance, range, space and looks. Gorgeous car instead of rather ugly Leaf. Closest thing to competition is Fisker Karma, but that is way more expensive and has less future ahead (it is a hybrid).

$5000 deposit should be rather safe, you can get (most of) it back if you change your mind (there was some small permanent part, but can't just now remember how small).

Take a look at ABC, they just ran a spot on Tesla's now open to the public plant. That enough fact for you?

It's 1% of $50 if you request your deposit returned.

Sorry, that should say "or" and not "of"

Tesla has dropped the $50 charge, the $5000 is now fully refundable. According to the rep at the West LA store.

I didn't know that, thanks Klaus! Not that I had planned on getting a refund as I want to see how much car I will be getting for $50K

I would like to see a list of all of the proposed Tesla showrooms in the United States. Does anyone have this list?

BYT, is there also a list of proposed Tesla showrooms in Canada?

Can Eng

The only Canadian store in the works that I'm aware of is the one opening in Toronto in December.

@ Vawlkus...I hadn't heard any official announcement about the opening of the Toronto you know an exact date yet?


Might already BE open. I can't find an "opening day" date for it, just the info under that link.

From what I heard they had some trouble finding a good permanent location for the store. Zoning restrictions are a problem - automotive repair shops are shunted away from prime downtown locations. City bureaucrats just apply the rules verbatim, and don't care that electric cars don't have large volumes of hazardous fluids.

They may end up splitting it with a showroom downtown and service shop in the burbs.

Thanks Vawlkus...I've seen that page before.

I can't imagine TM opening any new store without some PR & fanfare...I would think reservation holders would get an invite.

I hope they get the store open before the Toronto Auto show this Feb.

Keep an eye on the Events board then. When we get into December (or maybe just before) they'll probably start announcing it there.

For those in the SF Bay Area, the Red Model S Showcar should be at the Menlo Park HQ Showroom on 11/26-11/27. It's just an engineering unit so they won't allow sit-ins or test-drives though.

@JasonP: Damn, I saw this message today on the 29th, am I too late? :(

Same here, could not make it to the Menlo Park location on 27th. when can we see it again?