The Joy of Slowness

Like just about everyone else I love the acceleration of the MS, it's totally addicting and I rarely pass up an opportunity to "launch". But I have been surprised to find that I also love going slow in this car. I love the feeling of gliding on a silent cushion of air and I've found that I am now much more willing to obey those 25 or 15 mph zones for the joyful feeling of floating silently. Am I the only one?

You are not the only one. I share the same feeling.

Others have mentioned the pleasure of using secondary highways instead of turnpikes (for range). More scenic, no stress.

I enjoy the supercharging stops as an opportunity to stretch, snack, chat, or shop. In addition to having a nice driving experience, it makes travel more about the journey, and less about just getting from A to B.

I love slow and silent. In fact some days, I enjoy acting the grandma. Last 60 miles I have been at 265 wh/mile!!! (Started as competition with the wife, who's been taking a keen interest in my wh/mi of late, har, har)

In the 25 or 35 speed limit zone, my MS moves like a silent lion. I have to depress my inclination to launch by reminding myself the famous French saying "I'd rather be slow on road than be first in Heaven."

So weird... i figured it was just me but @kevjo I feel exactly the same way, both on speed and slowness... Don't think I have ever complied so well to the 15-30 mph range limits.

And then the 25'ish to 70 mph rush when merging onto highway...

A heavenly paradox :-)

I don't have my MS yet but I have been practicing with my wifes Auris Hybrid. Same feeling and I love the silence.

@Fred O - It may come close but it is not the same feel from a hybrid. I would have to apply eggshell pressure on the gas peddle on my hybrid in order to maintain any speed between 20 - 40 mph.

It is effortless to drive the MS via the go peddle whether you going 20 or 70 mph.

But keep on practicing the art of silent transportation. You'll get the urge to floor it after the meditation is over...

I wish the Model S nav system would take elevation into account as well as traffic, etc., and present you with several different routes: Shortest Time, Shortest Distance, or Best Range. The Best Range option would factor in the speed limits along each route as well as the traffic conditions, and makes a best guess on which route will cost the least Wh/mile.

@Amped; I recently made the drive home from Scottsdale to Prescott. Range loss making the climb was almost exactly as earlier scouts had predicted: about 10mi/1000'. Was very useful to know in advance.

Yesterday I rolled the windows down, opened the pano roof and went on a drive through my neighborhood. Wow! All I could hear were birds chirping, leaves rustling in the wind, and the "woosh" of my Jetsons car :)

Mathew98 you are right. I have to drive away very gently or the motor will kick in and start making noise. But in 'slow motion' it is as quiet as a MS. I also like the traffic light rush. Only a Tesla provides both worlds.

I feel the same way. It didn't take long to realize how enjoyable the slow ride is. When people comment how fun it must be to have such a fast car, I laugh and reply that it goes slow just as easy as it goes fast. They usually look at me confused. It's difficult to explain to someone who's never experienced the joy of a silent, smooth, slow cruise in such a car.

Reminds me of the sailing expression:

"Live slow, sail fast."

The Tesla is about enjoying the ride, savoring the experience of a journey. I've had mine for 10 days and absolutely love it. After a lifetime of sports cars (Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, etc.) I'm finding that I enjoy the peace and quiet. Plus, should you ever need it, the performance is there.

On board with this too. I find it very relaxing just gliding along in total silence and appreciating the engineering it took to accomplish this. Energy graph does not look as erratic as it used to.

I too enjoy the silence, the quiet, the calm. A while back I thought that somewhere along the line a Tesla Calm was added to my Tesla Grin. Just knowing that I can, if I want, get out in front of just about anyone on the road gives me a calm. I can, but chose not to. I can enjoy the quiet and the calm. Of course the "grin" is no further away than a few inches. That is the distance the accelerator travels when being fully engaged. :)

I have started to just drive the speed limit to/from work to see what happens to the Wh/mile. Normal driving 315-320. Driving the speed limit 275.

Some wonderful comments on "gentle" driving. On a road trip a few weeks back to Glacier Nat'l Park and Alberta, Canada from Long Beach, CA, I had to make every electron count (slow charging at RV Parks) and drove before daybreak through Nevada, Idaho, Montana and Washington at 40 to 50 mph. Amazing how pleasant it was watching the sun rise over the desert and seeing the deer cross the road without over reacting. Following the Salmon River at a speed when the sound of the river is louder than the road noise is a delight. The journey was more important than getting to the next stop.

Glad to see I am not the only one who likes the silence. I used to listen to news and sports talk radio pretty much all of the time while driving. Not nearly as much with this car. It is just a joy to drive silently.

Totally. I've noticed that I'm much less stressed out and anxious about getting where I'm going in the Model S than I have been in any other car I've owned (all sports cars). Maybe it's the lack of noise, or the smoothness, or I dunno...I'm just way more relaxed and easy-going when driving the Model S, despite it being far more powerful than any of my previous vehicles.

We should call it Musk's Paradox: The tendency to drive less aggressively and/or quickly despite being in a much more powerful car just because the lack of NVH makes the experience so soothing.

I agree. I picked up my Model S from the factory in April, and within minutes of starting my long drive home, all I could think of was "Magic Carpet Ride, Magic Carpet Ride, Magic Carpet Ride..."

Six months later, I'm still grinning.

@cfOH I love the idea of "Musk's Paradox", that's brilliant.

love going slow and when all the j/a's who think they have something to "prove" against the "Tesla" show up...I just go slower

I just laugh at all of the jerks who race from light to light. Even if I launch at a light, I allow plenty of "coast" to slow down and "smooth" on down the road. The Tesla Model S is truly a "Magic Carpet Ride"!

My ‘problem’ is when I drive our MS slowly I hear the “Theme from Jaws” in my head. The MS is so smooth, so quiet, so … it is like a great white shark lurking in the shallows.

This is therapy. A tranquil zone in a frantic world. Indeed, this has been what I have found new in the last two months with the P85. 10-50mph is the smoothest and quietest feeling of control. Knowing its muscle is there and using it when needed is part of the experience, and I believe adds to the safety of this car.
Also, slow charging in friendly RV 50 amps has become fun. There are several in the Colorado mountains I have used. Pick up a sandwich, plug in, and catch up on some reading. Beats a freeway or the inside of an airplane for a change ....

The Zen of Tesla Driving.