How many Wh/mile are you averaging? We are at 291.

We have driven our 60KWh Tesla MS for over 5,200 miles so far in about 4 months. We are averaging a rather surprising 291 Wh/mile. My wife drives it most of the time and yes, she is a 'safe' driver; always drives at or below speed limit.

I know it's not really an apples to apples comparison as terrain, weather and driving habits vary. But I thought it would be a fun exercise as many of you by now have several months under the belt and have a meaningful 'average'.

Type away :-)


Wow! That is pretty low!

We have about 4300 miles on our Model S since mid-May and are averaging 360 Wh/mi. We live in a suburb of Seattle in a relatively hilly area. My wife and I both drive the car and often like to accelerate hard from the multiple stop signs around town. We haven't taken the car on many highway trips more than 20-30 miles, but the few times that we did I noticed that our Wh/mi was more in line with what you have experienced.

hitting the highways on my daily commute and hilly where I live. I average at 370.

We have some elevation to scale for a few miles every day (about 4 or so). About 16 miles on a highway one way. The total commute is around 40 miles round trip.

Have been averaging 311 Wh/mile over about 2000 miles.

This is on a MS60.

I have averaged 313 w/mile for 5,700 miles since car delivered on 1/2/13, but have managed 288 w/mile for last 2,500 miles, and the overall average is coming down, and expect to be under 310 w/mile soon. Driving the car efficiently is no hardship, and I still manage to have a lot of fun with the instantaneous acceleration especially at stop lights.


Most days I am at 290. Sometimes lower, at 280.

Then, since I ate all my broccoli I get to eat the chocolate, and I go to 380 average for 1 or 2 days of the week!


MS 60kwh all options, except twin charger and premium sound with 13,000 miles took delivery Feb 21, 2013

Avg 311 wh/mi

60 kWh, 2181 miles, in Colorado, many drives through mountains always at 5 mph above limit.

Avg 282 Wh/mi

S85, 2400 miles, average 340 wh/m. I have a 12 mile commute that has a 340 foot drop on the way to work. So, mostly flat. Have done one long trip and a fair amount of driving up the Santa Cruz mountains. Still loving the car enough to get a lead foot enjoying the acceleration!

60 kW; 10,000 miles; 273wH/mi and falling. Avg in MI winter months was about 320, summer months have been about 250. Ordinary driving city/highway about 50/50 (not just artificailly cruising at 20mph), but obviously conservative to see just how low it can go.

SP with about 9000 miles (hover around 300 wh/m on average)

5270 miles -305 wh/mi. And loving it

2000 miles for MS60 - 400 wh/mi. Lots of stop and go traffic on bridges and tunnels. The idling with AC demand quite a bit of juice...

One month new, 1,200 miles, S60 with 21" 295wh/mi

is it known that MS60's average lower wh/mi than 85's?

i had a 60 loaner and i seemed to get a significantly lower wh/mi for my same commute compared to my p85, however that could be due to 80mph limit and slower acceleration.

currently i'm at 319 wh/mi on 90% freeway driving; mostly flat w a few hills

I've only had the car 2 weeks: 800+ miles (s85) and I'm getting around 395wh/mi. Can't stop myself from flooring it!

Sig with 15,378. I haven't reset the trip meter b and I am at 345 Wh/mi. I am on a trip right now going NJ to Newport, RI to Portsmouth, NH to Sterling, MA to Tolland CT then back to NJ. I am "trying" to not go much faster than 65 to economize at bit and so far I am at 281 Wh/mi. I have noticed that the winter raised the average quite a bit. The cold weather and use of heat definitely chew up some juice.

MS60 with 8800 miles, averaging 302.

MS85, 8,700 miles, averaging 332

Southern California around town with 25% freeway.

MS80 - Haven't reset trip meter B since car had its first 100 miles. 6420 miles, averaging 312. Mostly highway miles in the Bay Area, usually keep it around 70 mph. I do allow myself a "bolt" or two every day though!

Drive daily, 45 mile roundtrip from Marin County to Downtown San Francisco, 11,000 miles averaging 335.

85 with 21 rims. 70 mile round trip daily. Mostly flat, a few hills.
Average is 323. Had the car since July 1.

MS60 8k miles 333

I have almost 12000 miles on my 85 and with mostly highway driving here in NJ, I am at an honorable 362. I might need some lighter shoes.

MS60, about 6500 miles, lifetime: 315, daily drive 315, so it's pretty consistent. Mostly LA freeway driving, 72 - 75.
I'll take my first road trip next week end. I wonder if it will change much. Probably some, because avg. speeds on I5 are a bit higher.

I have averaged 355wh/mi in my P85 over the last 6,000 miles. There are plenty of hills, freeway driving at 75 mph and spirited test drives included.

For my first ~5,000 miles I averaged about 330. For the last 1,200 miles, I have been more conscious of optimizing my mileage (e.g., coasting when possible, using brakes even less, not accelerating when there are slowdowns or stoplights ahead)and have averaged about 290.

over 4000 miles, averaging 331 Wh/mi on mixed streets and highway, mild elevation changes on some commutes, driving conservatively and using cruise control anytime I can. 74 mph typically on highway, lots of 45 mph streets around here, but frequent red lights. Occasional drives to show friends the acceleration, but not often.

6,200 miles in two months and average 325.

9,000 miles and average 291 model S 60 kw/h with 65% hightway at average speed 75 m/h

60kWh, 19" tires, 60% hwy, 40% local, since May 15th, 4,700 miles, 302 Wh/Mile.

Usually driving myself or with 1 other person.