HOV stickers CA (timing)

Did anybody get HOV stickers for your Tesla S yet ?
License plates took about a month, I was hoping to get the stickers
at the same time, but no...

sergiyz - The tale from San Diego. Still waiting for our Model S, but we also bought a Leaf on October 6. Here's our timeline:

1) Plates and title arrived October 25.
2) CA CVRP paperwork filed October 6. $2500 rebate check arrived November 5.
3) Clean Air Vehicle Decals (White HOV Stickers) application mailed October 26. Couldn't mail until plates arrived because the numbers are required for the application. Still waiting. They haven't even cashed the $8 check yet.

I feel your pain!

oh, I completely forgot about CVRP, thanks for the reminder !
They still have about $10 mln left in the program.
I've checked the rules for the HOV stickers, you're right that a license plate must be assigned before you can file for HOV.
Tesla does it on your behalf, and they fedex-ed me the plates overnight once they've received them.
I guess they've filed the application for HOV at the same time, but my $8 check hasn't been cashed yet either.

sergiyz - CA DMV has cashed the $8 check. Will post when decals arrive.

I got my decals 33 days after I got the car. I had personalized plates already so I was able to file the CA decal request upon delivery of the car.

So does Tesla do it for you even though the plates haven't been assigned yet?

I haven't gotten anything or heard anything. Got my plates about 10 days ago after 10-26 delivery.

Thanks for any light shed on this.


sergiyz - They arrived today. Took five weeks from mailing the application or 36 days if anybody's counting :)

I'm counting :>).

Did Tesla file for you? They took my $8 check and said they'd do it for me, but I just got my plates last week.

Can anyone shed light?


Richard - The decals that arrived today were for my new Leaf. Since Tesla Fedexs the plates, I will wait for them to arrive and mail the application for the Model S HOV decals from home. It's not that I don't trust Tesla, just would like the peace of mind of knowing the application was mailed. The CA Form Reg1000 requires the plate number, so if you just got your plates, it would mean the application was just mailed too.


Can I order regular CA sequential plates before I own the car? Do I just need the VIN?

Thanks, Steve. I'm getting personalized plates anyway. I may have to reapply.


Don't you have to put the sticker on the bumper and that seems to be an ugly thing on such a beautiful car!

There are three stickers. The instructions:

"Carefully peel stickers from the backing material and apply as follows:

1. Please place the large stickers on the rear quarter panels - one on each side of the vehicle, behind the wheel wells, with the State Seal in the up position.

2. Please place the small sticker on the right side of the rear bumper, with the State Seal in the up position."

It makes no sense to me that stickers are required. The car has no exhaust pipes and therefore it is electric and can travel forever in the HOV lanes. It should be obvious to anyone even without the ugly stickers.

So much for my stealthy planning. A minor reason I ordered a white "S" is downplay the ugly HOV stickers which were white. I am aghast, the new ones are bright green.

One sticker mounted on plastic (removable) for the rear window, lower right corner and that is it. I will not sully the Venus de Milo with tacky stickers! I know, tell it to the judge.


The green stickers are for the Partial Zero Emission Vehicles. Since Tesla vehicles are 100% battery powered, they still use the white stickers which are for certified pure zero emission vehicles.

Whew! Petero, you can de-agast yourself, and stop rehearsing noble, impassioned speeches to da judge about Venus' unsullied beauty.

Oh come on now. How can you say those stickers don't look spiffy: If they had applied the rear quarter panel ones, it would even look better :>|

If I'm unsuccessful maintaining the sticker in the rear window, then I'll be moving mine lower than that one in the Edmund's image (Elon's car?). It will be below that little red reflector, partially wrapped under the rear bumper.

Wear them with pride! "I'm greener than you are!" What's not to like?

Schlermie. Thank you, you have made my day.

stevenmaifert. "Spiffy?!" There is something very wrong using that word and Model "S" in the same sentence.

BrianH. Sorry, I am too busy obsessing over the "S's" unsullied beauty. Although I am considering one of the "My kid is an honor student..." bumper stickers. No wait, my kids are in college, who cares, never mind.

Today is exactly 10 weeks since I picked up my Model S, and according to my bank activity report online, the $8 check was cashed yesterday! Tesla ownership insists that they submitted the HOV tag registration immediately upon getting my license plates, and those came within two weeks.

I still have misgivings about the aesthetic degradation of such a beautiful vehicle with these ugly decals.

I've seen them stuck to the grey plastic below the paint on a few Model S cars that I've seen.. That's where mine will go once they arrive.

WSE51 - My decals arrived six days after my bank activity report showed the check had been cashed.

My HOV decals just arrived today, 4 days after they cashed my $8 check and 10.5 weeks after I took delivery of the car.

I received my HOV stickers today, 6 1/2 weeks after MS delivery. I was told by my DS at delivery that they would arrive with the plates (which was incorrect). I called Ownership Experinece when the plates came with no stickers and they told me the stickers come directly from the DMV and it is taking about 6-8 weeks, and if I didn't receive them after 8 weeks to check back in with them.

Just to confirm they are white (not green thankfully)! I happened to see the green ones today (for the first time...and before mine came in the mail) and my heart sank, as I thought maybe those were the NEW version.

Now the question is, do I stick them on? If I had to drive the freeway everyday I think it would be a no-brainer, but I don' I'm still pondering! It is nice to have the option though.

Also, just to clear up any confusion, yes Tesla had me complete the HOV paperwork, collected the $8 check, and sent it to the DMV.

2012/12/22: Received my car

2013/01/05: (Two weeks after receiving car) Received my plates and mailed in application with $8 check for HOV stickers.

2013/03/04: (Ten weeks after receiving car) CA DMV cashed $8 check

Ouch, ten weeks?! I was hoping for six weeks. I submitted my application around end of Jan - I guess I still need to wait few more weeks.

Got my car at the end of last year and did not submit the application to DMV until the end of January. The $8 check is still not cashed yet. Keeping waiting. I guess the State of California is really not short of money anymore.-:)

I thought that I had heard that Tesla was putting on a small piece of the paint armor under the sticker, are they still doing that? That way it will be a clean remove when it expires.