Changes to A pillar - vent added.

In the design center the photo shows a vent in the A pillar for the side window. New? previously discussed? Retrofit?
Also, the tiny window also seems to be gone.


This is funny, because my vehicle in "My Garage" (web page) shows this too. But my vehicle has already been delivered in real life and does not have these features. I also noticed the steering wheel controls are different compared to the real controls. For example, they show a phone icon on the left controls. I distinctly remember that these steering wheel controls also showed this phone icon a few months back. I think that the design studio picture is not new, but rather an earlier prototype. Unfortunately, I never saved my design studio pictures. Maybe someone who saved their original pictures from months back before delivery can compare them to todays pictures on the website?

I can confirm that pictures saved from earlier versions of the Design Studio show the vent on the A pillar. This does not appear to be new.

Forget the vent, we need a rub guard for the A pillar.

Does that Dropbox pic show you driving at 55 in a white-out fog? Scary.

Well, it's not me driving, since I copied it from the website. I suspect that they are driving towards a really large white wall at 55mph. Or it's photoshop.

Oh, and thanks to those who kept the old pictures. I just noticed it for some reason recently, and it's different from my car....

Old pictures also show the small triangular piece of glass filled in.

I quickly circled the differences from the design studio picture and what I see in my car. Can you spot any more differences?