New Software Version?

Took delivery yesterday at the factory and was told that they are starting to roll out a new software version. Said it should DL in next few days. Anyone else aware of this?

I also heard of it, haven't seen it yet.

I haven't received it yet. Did they say what the primary issues / features were in this release?

Just started the update. Will post if I get any additional information.

maybe we need a permanent forum topic with the Version (and contents) of the "latest" Model S SW download. That would enable anyone to check for the latest and compare to theirs.

I for one live in a weak signal area of San Jose so might not get the notice. If I knew there was a new version and I hadn't been notified in a reasonable timeframe, I could contact my service center or someone at Tesla to track and fix.

Does anyone know how we can make a permanent, "sticky" forum topic?

The only way to make it sticky here is to bump it periodically.

I heard it's going to enable some of the long-awaited proximity features. FOB proximity for door handles, proximity for Homelink, and others.

Handles are way cool. As you approach they now automatically extend. New features include...

New Features...
Vehicle Sleep
App Launcher
Voice Commands

New Controls/Settings...
Auto-Presenting Door Handles
Metric Distance Unit
Range Driving Mode

Synchronized Door Handles
USB Media Browsing
Alphabetic Index
Callling from Maps
Steering Wheel Controls - Fan Speed & Sunroof
HomeLink - Location Awareness
Energy App
Throttle Response

Looks like a great weekend.

Thank you Tesla for all your hard work!

Thank you Kent for posting the info!

Ooh, I like that "throttle response" line! I'm not very fond of a very sensitive throttle response and vastly prefer to drive the Leaf in eco-mode. I'd love to be able to select between different response modes in the Model S too.

Range Driving Mode also looks promising.

If anyone checks these out, please report! :)

Sorry, I could not give additional information. I took a quick picture and went back to work. If the info is not posted when I get done, I'll update with more detailed information.

Thanks kent!

All seem self explanatory except for 'Synchronized Door Handles'. Any idea what that feature is?

Thanks in advance.

-George V

'Synchronized Door Handles' = All door handles extend,unlock at once?

Wohooo! Auto-Presenting Door Handles, that's my favorite by far. My Model S is going to greet me like an old friend when it sees me, and invites me to take a trip... Love it! :-)

Someone posted a link on TMC this morning to a wonderful seven page Tesla branded PDF for update v4.0 with detailed information on the enhancements and features added with the latest release. Illustrations and all. But I can't seem to find the link now. I suppose it wasn't officially released at the time and someone leaked it.

Or it could have been a fake possibly? I seems odd that the version would jump from 1.13.16 to 1.15.8 all the way up to 4.0.

Forgive my ignorance, but is there a way to initiate a check for the update? Or do you just have to wait for the car to detect it and ask if you want it? I just took delivery last week, and haven't experienced an update yet.

How do you know what features/changes are included in the update? I assume something might be displayed in the car when the update is presented, but that seems rather transient. I saw someone mentioned a PDF. Do owners get emailed with a list of changes in each release?

Just did the DL. It is listed as v4.0 (17.50).

The sync of door handles involves a situation when all of the handles are extended and someone enters a door and closes it. ONly that handle retracts. Now all of them do, after some delay I presume.

Still waiting on the iPhone App. Need it, want it, give it to me!

Argh, they got the door handle extension thing going? Thought they'd given up on I feel like I have to get the tech package! :(

Broken link Beaker.

Invalid link to pdf.

I knew it was coming! Yay auto door handles And browsing USB stick and voice nav and alphabetical index to find people easier. You.can even call from the maps screen when finding a business.

MS owners have a steep learning curve coming up; this might become a long-term condition: learning all the new features this month

As a follow-up to my previous question... is there an "official" source for this information? I assume the software doesn't provide all the information you need within the update, so how exactly are we supposed to know how all the new functionality/changes work? Trial and error? I'm happy to poke around, but it would be nice to have an official reference as well.

Still not seeing the update on my Model S....

@mkh1437 - my understanding is that the update is pushed to the car (or rather notification of an available update is) and there is no way to force a check for an update. Owners should receive an email from Tesla detailing the changes - at least that is what seems to have happened so far.

There is a PDF they email you

If possible, please post the email data. I'm sig 102 and have not seen anything new. Is there a list of the voice commands somewhere?

My car downloaded update last night and is applying it tonight (yet no mail from tesla describing what it does).

Tesla, way to go on getting the door handles to auto-extend. That was the feature that was just so damn cool it justified the final $30k of the price in my book. This threads makes me a little sad that I didn't go for the sig and have my car already. Would be very neat to see the car evolve by itself as it picks up all these new features in the updates. By the time I get mine, all these features will be in it already and I don't get to see my baby grow up, gonna show up as a full-grown adult.

The voice commands are

Listen to
Drive to
Navigate to
Where is