Good 2 Go passes not working

A couple of us are having issues with the good 2 go sticker pass on the windshield under the rear view mirror working. Anyone know why? I don't want that honkin' huge license plate thing on my car!

The rain sensor (windshield wipers) is located in that location. Interference?

Which pass do you have? I have the larger "removable" one that uses velcro (not the biggest one that you can turn off, but not hte standard "sticker". It's right up against the bottom of the mirror bracket, centered, and it appears to be working 100%.

On the other hand, the tag for my work parking garage would not work through the windshield at all, even in the black dot area to the right of the mirror.

I did find that if I put it in the well under the front edge of the pano roof (where the wind bar drops down), makng sure that it was not interfering with anything, it seems to work fine. I think it's because of the gap/joint between the roof and the car body. It would not work holding it up under the pano roof - needs to be close to the front edge.

I have the large movable velcro pass and I was able to slide it under the base of my mirror at an angle so that much a good portion of it is exposed to the dotted area. There is a gap there that is just the right size to hold the pass. I don't like sticky stuff on my windows so I'm hoping this works.

No "tickets" yet, but I don't know how frequently they send out the bills or how fast they process them..

You can check on the Good-to-Go site to see if it registered your pass when you crossed.

I've been checking daily. Not registering, which is how I know it's not working. The Good to Go customer service people are useless and can't think outside the box. I'm going to try a motorcycle sticker and a moveable pass, because there is NO WAY I'm putting that retarded black thing on my license plate!

I got an unregistered movable pass. I won't know whether tucking it between the mirror assembly and the window works or not until I get a ticket in the mail. If I get one, I'll report.

My radar detector isn't working. That is something I would certainly miss.

Hopefully we can get an option for an uncoated windshield in the future. It seems that there are more mirror-like reflections on the windshield due to the coating. It can be a bit distracting.

I put the front lic plate sensor behind the nose cone and it works just fine.

I found a spot to the left of the mirror that works, but I don't want a sticker pass there--too visible. I just put a motorcycle pass on the driver's side windshield at the top of the black area--will see if that works.

The front license plate holder one is $12 and you can order on good to go pass website.

The problem with the front license plate holder one is that it's ugly. Very ugly. Not going on my car ugly.

Probably. Of course the front license plate is ugly anyway.

I read that on the right side of rearview mirror there is a little area without the metallized coating...

I used zip ties to attach a license plate pass to the small grill area just below the nose cone. It blends into the grill area fairly nicely.

I showed this to the guys at the service center and they assured me it wouldn't cause any problems with airflow and probably will work more reliably than under the nose cone.

Any more experience to report with the Good To Go gear? I'll get my car Tuesday.

James down at the Seattle Service Center told me that people seem to be having good luck with the small motorcycle pass that sticks to the headlamp. I haven't looked at it, but he said it is pretty unobtrusive. If you use SR167, you will get charged for the HOV lanes even if you carpool, because the pass cannot be removed.

I have the motorcycle pass on my lower windshield, just below where the glass is blackened. Outside where the wipers hit, below visible are from inside the car. Very unobtrusive and works great.

@Epley, are you saying the wipers do or don't hit the pass? Could you please describe where you put it again?

I'll take a picture when I get the car back tomorrow. I put it on the driver's side toward the left hand side of the windshield. On the windshield, there is a point where the glass turns solid black. Toward the left, the windshield wipers don't cover this area when they swipe. I placed the sticker just below the clear glass/black glass border so that I can't see it from inside the car and the wipers don't come in contact with it when they move.

Thanks. That's clear. Your earlier post was just a little ambiguous ("Outside, where the wipers hit" vs. "Outside where the wipers hit").

I went to the Good To Go office in Gig Harbor this afternoon. They wouldn't sell me a motorcycle tag. I understood the explanation to be that I wouldn't be charged for using the HOV lane, that motorcycles are always free. So they'd be undercharging a car--sometimes. A woman came out with a reader to the car and had me hold a moveable tag around the windshield in various places, and could not get a reading except right up close to the windshield. I'll go back well before closing time and try again. I was ready to settle for the black brick cable-tied down low, but was told it is only $ .25 more to scan the plate. Now I don't have a plate and I don't know whether they can read the temporary one or not. The car is on my account now though. I'll call in the morning. I'm still so overwhelmed to finally have my wondrous car.

I bought the motorcycle pass through the website.

My mistake for asking, I guess. I have no need to use 167 HOV anyway. Customer Service said they'll be able to bill me with the temporary license. I'm still grinning.


I actually had the same idea... Wondering if it might be possible to put the sticker in the inside of the nose cone. I'm still waiting on my car so it will be a few weeks before I can try it. But if it is plastic and accessible from the back side then the RF signal should pass right through.

The good to go website lists all tesla cars as requiring the license plate pass:

Really, you can place the lic plate sensor behind the nose cone--zip tied just off to the left side of the lic plate. You can get to the area with out a lot of fuss with the trunk trim. It works like a charm and its hidden. I use it every day.


Do you have pictures?


Exactly how did you access the inside of the nose cone?

I just talked with the service guys the other day and they recommended using the Motorcycle sticker and place it on the lower left portion of the outside of the windshield below the wipers. It's not noticeable and it seems to work well. Much easier than removing the nose cone...



Gig Harbor?...are we neighbors? We are on Raft Island.
Get our S on Monday.

Did you get resoluton on the Gootogo rfid sticker?
I will try for the motorcycle version and if they refuse I have a new Harley I can drive over.

Actually, the motorcycle pass doesn't seem to be working reliably for me--not sure why it did at first, but not now...

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