Emergency charge pack

I'm curious to know if Tesla will create some kind of emergency charge pack for those times when you need just enough juice to get to the next SC station or home? sort of like gas cans for people who run out of petrol, we can purchase a charge pack and keep it charged at home and try not to forget it when we head out. If this question was already asked I apologize.

Short answer: No. Someone quoted a Tesla executive in another thread saying that the frunk space was originally designed to store batteries, but that the idea was scrapped because they could not route the battery cooling system into that area. So adding a range extending battery is a far more complicated prospect than just buying a big battery and plugging it in.

This would be sort of like always carrying a full gas can around with you in the trunk of your ICE. Doesn't make sense.

If you drop your speed by 10 mph when quarter full, you will get another 12 miles in range. Works with ICE too.

I was thinking more around the lines of a jumpstart type pack that would get you 5-10 miles.

Just saying, it beats sitting on the side of the road waiting on a tow truck.

Thanks PorfirioR very interesting.

Many of us had those same thoughts before we got our car - isn't there a way to bring along some spare "juice". Having owned the car for 4.5 months now I wouldn't give this a 2nd thought. It is just not needed. You can charge almost everywhere with the Model S. All it takes is a little bit of advanced planning and you'll be fine.

Think about it - how many times were you stranded with an empty gas tank? Or how many times did you have to use your spare can of gas? For me the answer was - NEVER.

I guess I agree Carefree, I have never run out either and I guess as long as you monitor your remaining mileage you'll be fine.

In 1991 I kept taking a chance going back and forth across Lackland AFB with the reserve light on thinking the 2 mile trek wouldn't eat up the reserve. Well it did and my car quit within eyesight of the base gas station. I didn't have a can so the embarrassing walk to the station and back was further complicated by not have enough chump change for the can deposit (can't remember details exactly- credit card use wasn't as prevalent then) plus desired gas. Clearly I screwed up Brodering my new 325i. I learned my lesson, it never happened again. Somebody else is going to do it.

Here is your emergency gas tank... MS can go for another 15-20 miles after the gauge shows 0.

However, don't press your luck. Give yourself some cushion. If you have less than 30 miles range left, you ought to look for a charging station immediately. There are different outputs from 110v, RV park, or another public charging stations other than a supercharging.

You never know how much juice get used up by sitting in traffic with the AC blasting...

I was stuck on a highway for 2.5 hrs blistering hot and it used 10 kWh extra energy ( ~ 30 rated miles ).
We had enough in the battery and the time in the MS it was quite enjoyable - car was quiet, inching forward was effortless, cabin was comfortable and we made phone calls and listened to music. A handful of ICEs ran out of gas... yes, the gas station was less then a mile away, but they couldn't get to it.
Based on that experience my planning rule is to arrive at the next charger with 50 rated miles - problem solved.

I don't know if diesels have evolved enough since waaay-back when I used to drive a 300D but, has anyone here had the pleasure of running out of gas in a diesel?

I never did it, but my dad (an auto mechanic since 1947) told me that he would personally come and punch me in the gut if I ever called him for help if I was out of gas in that car.

Sorry... maybe off topic, but the range anxiety was pretty bad on me back then when the fuel was getting dangerously low and this reminded me of those days.

I suppose you could drive around with a gasoline generator stowed in your trunk, so you can give yourself a quick charge if you get stranded... but then you'd have to carry a gasoline generator around with you everywhere you go.

I believe they already sell something like this, it's called a Chevy Volt... :P

PorfirioR - modern Diesels still have the same issue - do not EVER run them dry. It will be very costly with a visit to the shop. I own a clean diesel Touareg and I never let the tank go beyond 3/4 empty - it's too risky:-)

PorfirioR - I ran out of diesel once. Not recommended.

Fuel oil is diesel, but untaxed and tinted to prevent cheating. Just an emergency FYI.