And the accolades keep pouring in ...

Here is the link from Yahoo's 2013 car of the year

It says that 250 cars have been delivered and 359 (additional?) have been produced.

~ Prash.

Yay, buy those numbers look way low.

Many more accolades to come I think.

1263 comments as of now, and all of the usual negative suspects. I've tried to address a few of them, but I can't wait how much it burns up these guys as more awards come in.

I would not bother responding to that crowd - you will NEVER convince them. They do not get the idea in the first place. All they see is the price for the car and that's enough for them to ridicule it.

Almost all the comments are negative (and a lot of them are very rude)! How is this possible? Are we witnessing an attack of a computerized horde of anti-Tesla/EV/Obama/etc. trolls?

When they get jobs, then they will begin to understand, or maybe go to school. Naw that won't. Help

They have been there all along. Actually seem less than before; about 1.5yrs ago when I was digging up info on Tesla before giving them my deposit a simple google search would turn up 25% hater links. Nowadays not so much.

I suspect a lot of people feel their usual way of life, or possibly even their job, are threatened by the start of the EV revolution. As ICE production and repair, along with oil industry influence become less prevalent , people will need to transition to careers supporting an electric economy. That's going to hurt for a while, but it will be well worth it in the end.


+1 Carefree.

Many insecure people are threatened by change itself-- of any kind.

This link has been posted in the sister thread, but it belongs here at least as much:

"Our selection of the Tesla Model S as Yahoo! Autos 2013 Car of the Year has stirred an overwhelming response online in just a few hours. While many agree, we thought it'd be best to tackle the criticisms from the commentariat in one place. If you think we're short-sighted, bought off or didn't think this through, this story's for you. Let's tackle them as they come; these are actual comments from actual readers: [...]"

You know what's funny... I must be completely blinded. I work for one of the Big 3 and would have NEVER seen this coming. I'm shocked that there is such backlash over the Model S. It's an AMAZING vehicle with so much going for it. If it were a piece of crap, then you should be told that it is. That way people stay away from it. The same should apply if it's revolutionary; get the word out. I don't know... I never expected there to be a need to justify an award. This is throwing me for a loop.

All the ignorant comments I see on those posts remind me of what Apple used to suffer from in the mid 1990s. People didn't understand what they were about.
Look at them today; products that people want and buy because they didn't follow what the others were doing.
Tesla is no different. If they can survive financially over the next couple of years and get out of the woods from being a "startup" they will do just fine.

We're all so close to Tesla that we all know their business and car plans but it drives me crazy to see all the comments about "I want a $30,000 version of this car". I know it's not in Tesla's best interest to talk about future products when they need to sell Model S and soon Model X but the car business is not as secretive as Apple is with their product plans but perhaps they need to a bit more vocal about Gen 3 so that people understand they operate more like a computer business; technology will get cheaper, we just need some time.

Aaw come on, guys...

Haven't you learned by this age to block out input from "Psychic Vampires"? (DEF: People who, when they're around, seem to suck the life out of you.)

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can hurt you without your consent."

All of us Tesla fan-boys know for sure that the Model S is going to be a huge success; so why waste your energy obsessing about tiresome blog-surfing nay-sayers who will never have the money to buy a really fine automobile of ANY brand. Just blow them off.

Be glad that you can afford a Model S and have fun! :-)

I remember in the early 2000's when I bought my plasma TV. One coworker actually said, "I heard the plasma runs out of them and you have to get them refilled." He was serious too. I still have that 10 year old 42" TV and it works perfect. Some people have to have excuses why they can't buy something out of their price range so they can feel better about themselves.

What baffles me is neither that other people's opinions differ from mine, nor that they may not be particularly qualified. What I find really odd is 1) that the overwhelming majority of the comments are negative 2) that so many negative comments where published this fast 3) the predictability of the content (one gets the feeling that a simple caricature Fox TV-Oil apologetic-Tea Party based statement generating software could produce all of it).

I am not usually into conspiracy theories, but how the heck do they do this?

And to add to the list is Time's take on Tesla Model S, which is one of the year's best inventions.

~ Prash.

New Bloomberg article on the Model S:

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Er... Automobile Magazine's "Car of the Year" anyone? I saw it on the home page.

Doncha know? The Tesla Master Plan is Secret!

Corr: above is for innoveight.

Automobile magazine car of the year

Yeah, I noticed the negative comments, too bad for them. They don't have the facts right, nor do they have the vision.

Heh. When TM finally gets around to advertising and promo, it's going to have a rucksack full of material to use!

CONGRATULATIONS! To everyone at Tesla Motors for being acknowledge Car Of The Year by Yahoo & Automobile Magazine.
Every employee at Tesla is now seeing the results of their work, I expect management will be sitting down to a very nice dinner tonight and having a toast to their achievements.
Many more awards to come!

I find some of the responses on this forum, talking about the negative comments, to be just as bad as the negative comments to Automobile magazine picking the Tesla Model S as car of the year.

I am a libertarian, I already voted in the presidential election, and I didn't vote for Barack Obama, I watch the FOX business channel every week, I am sceptical of the "global warming" crisis, but last month I put my $5,000 down on a Tesla Model S.

People assume too much. I don't fit the "profile" of what some people in support of EV's think that profile is. Everyone is free to make their own judgements about EV's, and some reasons to support EV's have nothing to do with environmentalism and/or political liberal ideology.

Negative comments are made because many of the so called Republicans and "Libertarians" in general are either ignorant of the FACTs, or they just don't care.

If you are skeptical of the "global warming" , then you don't really understand SCIENCE. FACTS are FACTs. Nothing more. It's okay to be skeptical at first. that's what science is, but it's now undisputed. just as the EARTH is round. Or are you skeptical about the EARTH being a spherical in shape?

I don't want to sound perturbed, but I'm sick and tired of politicians--both liberal and conservatives, who are quoted at being "skeptical" about global climate change just to appease the big oil company lobby. and the people who believe their CRAP.

Ok. I'm done ranting. P12,893, anxiously awaiting my Model S.

@jchangyy I'm sceptical of "global warming", because what one person calls facts, often differs from what another person calls facts.

Again you assume too much. I have studied the research around "global warming", and climate change in detail, and I understand science. People on both sides of the debate use the data in their own way to present themselves as correct. I won't get into a debate on this forum about it, and I have nothing to gain from "Big OIL", but suffice it to say that the simplistic data that is often shown in the media is very misleading.

If the concept of man made climate change is wrong and we spend extra developing new technology to avoid it, then we just spent more that we needed to to develop new cleaner technology. If, however man made climate change is real and we ignore it then we have just succeeded in destroying our planet, the current and future economy and cost ourselves enormously. Trying to play catchup wile rectifying the damage and produce new technology will cost even more.

If I were to come up with a plan that meant we'd burn billions of tons of fuel that took millions of years to form over the course of a hundred or so years without it impacting anything else would that sound credible? If studies had already been done that showed that it was dangerous would they be as dismissed if the industry wasn't already established?

Congratulations Tesla in being a leader in developing an alternative that doesn't require a massive change in lifestyle. A truly practical vehicle that people like and want.

Those hyping global warming fears use a "base" status from about 1880 as the "ideal". This was the coldest point since the ice sheets retreated. The mild warming since then has been entirely benign, and more would get us partway back to the much better climates of the Medieval Warm Period, or maybe even the Roman Optimum. The preceding Minoan or Holocene Optimums would be too much to hope for.

CO2 levels result from and follow warming (of the oceans) by about 800 years.