Tramp Stamp on my Model S

I know that is a bit extreme to call the Carpool Sticker that would go on my Model S a tramp stamp, but I don't like ink on my women and I don't like a bumper sticker on my car (and I have never spent more then $30K on a car before). Are there other options for that sticker? Inside of the glass which would be easier to remove when it expired or alternatives to plastering against the sexy lines of the Model S?

It's the little things!

I assume this is state specific. I'm not sure if this is still the case, but it used to be in Florida the automatic readers required a huge bar code like sticker on the side of your car for the toll bridges in Pensacola. In Texas we have RFID tags that are placed inside the car near the rearview mirror. Unfortunately, in Texas EVs don't (yet?) have the right to drive in the HOV lanes.

@stephen, I wonder why in Texas they don't let EV's run in HOV lanes? I know it's a big oil state and that was a bit of a jab, I'm sorry. Yes, it's California specific in this case.

the HOV lanes have more than one purpose. Aside from reducing pollution, they are also intended to reduce congestion. EVs don't do anything special in that regard.

HOV = High Occupancy Vehicle lane. That is for reducing congestion by rewarding people for driving in cars that are full. Reducing pollution is just a side-effect.


At this point in my life, I'm down to the singular form of women, but I get what you mean. I don't like ink on women, and I've never had bumperstickers on cars. The idea of what they make you do in California is outrageous. I'd rather take the carpool and risk the ticket than put four big stickers on my car.

Washington does not have this allowance, but hopefully we are working on it.

I do not like ink on my women either.

I've thought up several bumper stickers that would be great on my car, but I don't think I can put them on for the same reasons you cited. The HOV stickers in New York State aren't very big, but if I end up getting a nice pearly white paint job, I don't know how I'll feel about putting those stickers around the car, messing with the new perfection.

Today is the first time I noticed that my local shopping mall has a parking area nearest the stores reserved for "alternative fuel/hybrid" vehicles. [I have no idea why. I don't think they're planning on putting in charge stations.] Parking the S there and having the HOV stickers would ease the "sticker shock" by knowing that Tesla-ignorant onlookers would instantly become much more curious. It's a bit of silent boasting.

Buy a pot of 'rubber cement', and temporarily glue the stickers on when necessary, and remove immediately after clearing that "zone".


On my BMW I will put a "my other car is all electric" sticker and on my Tesla I will put a "my other car sucks" sticker. I will let people guess what it is that my other car sucks.

My $.02 cents...

I have been in really bad traffic many times, and watched a few Tesla Roadster's pass by me in the HOV lane. At that point, those little white-stickers looks fairly tres chic on any car!

May I suggest getting a white Model S.

Yeah, I think I'll keep the sticker in my glove compartment and show it to the officer when he pulls me over. If he asks why it's not on the bumper, then I'll explain myself. :D

If my kid couldn't get me to put his honor roll sticker on my bumper, there is no way in hell California will either even if I want to ride in the lane... ;)

Too bad a magnet wouldn't work.

Use a static cling :P

Actually a magnet could work. Glue the sticker to some magnetic backing (like refrigerator magnet). Glue another magnet (neodymium) behind the aluminum fender (where sticker is supposed to go). If you've never placed two rare earth magnets together you'd be surprised how difficult they are to get apart. I'd experiment with the refrigerator magnet-neodymium magnet combination before gluing one to the inside of your fender though.

I've thought of neodymium to neodymium magnet (inside of front bumper and on the front license plate if Tesla doesn't provide a way to mount front plates.


What I think you said...
- outside: magnet-sticker
- inside: magnet

I think you really want...
- outside: fabric-magnet-sticker
- inside: fabric-magnet

For the outside, the fabric may not be important. But for the outside, you don't want a magnet messing up your paint job.

[I'm considering doing something similar for the front license plate.]

For anything relatively heavy, like a license plate, magnets would probably not do a good job because the lateral forces when hitting bumps would be high.

Yah, I have that as one of my concerns. :|

IMO, the states really should step up and realize: I'd gladly pay the vanity license plate fee to legally have no plate up front (and non-custom plates).

Aesthetics, aerodynamics, and avoiding drilling.

Only high-rollers get to pay extra money to avoid complying with the law.

lol @ EdG

If you get pulled over, just offer to switch cars for the next 10 miles if he doesn't ticket you!


Refrigerator magnets are in a rubber(synthetic?) compound, but it wouldn't hurt to have a thin layer of fabric between it and the car. With fabric you could even use a neodymium magnet on the outside. However, then their would be somewhat of an air gap between the car and sticker.


It would depend on the thickness of the aluminum sheeting of the Model S. However, trying to slide apart two neodymium magnets in direct contact is very difficult, and I'd expect to have a pair for each corner of the license plate. I'll have to experiment with an actual plate and set of magnets with a sheet of aluminum between the magnets.

Actually though, I expect Tesla will address the front plate issue. There are just too many states requiring them.

IMHO, I would not use a magnet, if anything you might want to add a clear coat over it to make sure it stays where it is...

Tiki, I think the strategy would be to put them on when you know you'll be needing them, and remove them when you're going to be doing city driving.


I see. I guess where I live, a white HOV sticker is like a badge of pride, and something even a Bentley owner would be invious of. I plan on wearing mine proudly, but I do agree they would look best on a white Model S.

You could have a little fun. I checked with the CA DMV and the license plate
“HOV AOK” is available.

I too will keep my sticker in the 'center console' or put one in the rear window and take my chances with with the CHP.