Anyone wish model X was a little more like this...

Here's what the Model X should channel a little more:

The model S was similar to the jaguar xf at the time both were announced.

The model x design is feeling a bit like an overweight model S at the moment, especially with some of the frivolous design choices - tail lights I'm looking at you.

Here's hoping it has been refined when there's an update.

The concept SUV looks stunning, and on the other hand, it has all the elements of concept vehicle that is just not real. C-X17's shape may have a bad drag coefficient, which in terms would hurt performance and range; and from a design perspective, it looks like a Volvo front with a Lexus RX rear and a Range Over side, it just lacks the awe after a few more looks to it. My thumb does not go up for Jag this time.

Great observations that Model S and XF are very much alike. From far away, my recognition of Model S would be its unique door handles, otherwise I would to drive closer to make sure it is not a Jag.

Pretty much MOST SUVs look like that Jaguar... I actually prefer to smooth looks of the concept (and first revealed) Model X.

I am very curious to see what they have changed since that reveal last year.

But, to answer the question, no, I dont wish the X channeled a little more of this Jaguar concept.

The interior has a number of nice features (rear display screens, swing out hatch seats, etc.)

That Jag is butt ugly. Looks like an old Lexus 350.

I love the sleek lines in the S and was pleased to see the clean sleek look carried over to the X.

I hope Tesla doesn't make a Pontiac Aztec out of the back end trying to get more third row head room.

If you want third row headroom offer a two models a wagon back and a hatch back. If you try to half do it you get an Aztec.

Jag looks really nice for a crossover.

This would never be branded as an SUV given the Jag / Land Rover corporate umbrella.

That said, I do think this looks a little more "SUV-like" and wish the Model X would follow suite.


Model X is awesome. If you like the Jaguar better, by all means, please get it instead.

Looks like the KIA SUV. Looks cheap for a Jaguar.

follow suit

TM doesn't seem to be too good at following.

Frankly, the Jag looks nice, but Model X looks a lot better in every aspect. No competition there.

To me, it just looks like a less rounded CX-5. Nothing spectacular.

The Model X looks far superior in every way, IMHO. Clean lines and really modern but not too wierdo cross over looking.

Cloroxbb. What's a CX 5

Its the Mazda crossover

4-cyl 5 seater econobox.

I am negatively impressed by the bulkiness of the differential. I wager it's also quite heavy.

A computer module operating 4 electric motors (one motor per wheel) could model the differential functions and result in gains regarding room, responsiveness, and lighter weight.

Agree 100% with the original poster!

I too want a more rugged SUV, which has it's own unique identity.

The current Model X is too much of a "jacked up Model S" and looks too much like a MPV. And because it's too similar to Model S it does look like a less attractive model in comparison.

Plus ditch those falcon doors and the "mono eyebrow" door handle.

Let falcon doors be an add on for those who want. Conventional doors as standard.

A "shooting brake" kinda Tesla would be cool too! :-) I'd love a Model S Shooting Brake with 4WD and 0-60 in 3.2 secs... should get me to the ski resort fast enough :-)

I will get one of these as soon as it fits my specs

Not going to happen. What you see is what you get. If you want a station wagon, either wait or buy what's available now. (Repeat).

Original post proves my point that the grass is always greener on the other side.

Making major purchase = Looking for wife

My fiancée is cute, but I wish she looked like someone else.

Shy wrote:
"Plus ditch those falcon doors"

Those falcon doors are going to be the ultimate techie symbol of 2015.
They will be a huge hit.

The Jag does not move me. When I first saw the X it was like falling in love. very sexy . The jag just looks like any other car.

Has to be said that understated , simple , slightly recessed , ever so slightly aggressive front grill would be my only wish for the MX or the MS for that matter , still can't grasp the aesthetic value of the nose cone even if it's aero dynamics are perfect . I'll take a 10 mile hit for a more aggressive look. But then in all fairness my wife might not ? Just saying

Put a fluorescent green wrap with red shark's teeth on the cone, if you want "aggressive". ;p

The X is going to take its rightful place right next to the S. I hope Tesla shut thier eyes to every other auto manufacturer and keep doing what they do best, exceed expectations. Really in love with my S but, can't wait X.

Earnestly I don't like the shape of Model X. I am a graphic designer and I seriously thought I should design the outer shell and submit it to Tesla design team. I based it on two concept vehicles that I saw. If their designers can merge these two design concepts then you will have a very beautiful Model X. did I say die for. That is what Tesla needs in order to beat Porsche Cayenne. This is what I think Model X should look like ( a cross between Peugeot HX1 and Citroen Maza).

How can I post pictures any one know how???

Use HTML linking to a web-hosted image:

<img src="URL" width="600">

I did composite sketches of what I would like it to be. I used Two concept vehicles that I came across ( the HX1 by Peugeot and Monza by Cetreon) The result was one killer drop down GORGEGOUS CROSS OVER TO DIE FOR. Now I dont know the email for the chief designed but would like to email him my sketches...any one with the infor of Tesla design team??
This is what I think Model X should look like. If Tesla wants to compete and dethrone Porche Cayenne as the best Looking luxury Crossover. They need a beautiful body shell like this one + their own Excellent drive train.

Discaimer: I am not looking for a job thank you. I just wanna buy the X when it comes out but the current way it looks; its not elegant enough for me!!!!

Look at this elegance HX1