CHAdeMO adapter coming this winter

FYI, Tesla just posted this to their online store:

$1000 for the adapter (which somehow looks like a portable vacuum cleaner). You need supercharging enabled.

I just saw that too. I'm was trying to decide whether or not I need to jump on it before they sell out but there was not purchase button available on my computer.

Sweet - a lot of folks will be very happy. I will order once available. Not that I need it, but who knows it could come handy one day...

That is great! Of course I wish the price was much cheaper but it is good to have a great option and the best thing after a Supercharger.

Strange though on the pricing they list at the end:

To order before your Model S delivery: $2,400
After Model S delivery: $2,900

On the design page it is $2,000/$2,500 respectively.

I wonder if we just got a sneak peak at an upcoming price increase this winter!!

@bronto - the $2400/$2900 price is to upgrade a 60kWh model to include Supercharger support - it costs more to do so after delivery.

It's actually a good deal, as you are getting a discount.

wrong is $2,000 to do it at time of order and $2,500 to do it after delivery. See the design page for yourself.

Bronto, I'n afraid that it is you who are mistaken. $ 2400/2900 is for the SC upgrade PLUS the new adapter. Sold separately they would be $ 3000/3500.

It does look like a small vacuum cleaner.

So are you saying you get supercharger access on an S60 plus the adapter for $2,900? That doesn't make sense because if you bought an S60 with supercharging you paid $2,000 for that. Now you come along 6 months after and want the adapter which costs $1,000 ($3,000 total). But if you order supercharging and the adapter at the *same time* 6 months "down the road", you only pay $400 extra for the adapter. That doesn't make sense for Tesla because if I was on the fence about ordering supercharging, it would motivate me to hold off until I am ready to buy the package.

Also, aren't S85/85P folks getting the shaft with this deal? They were forced to pay the $2k for SC and now have to pay $1k to get the adapter. Whereas, someone who ordered SC at the design stage with a S60 could get it for $400 extra.

What am I missing here?

We didn't pay $ 2000 for SC. It is included in the 85kWh base price.

@bronto - what is wrong with you? Nobody is getting the shaft here. $1k is a bargain. OK the some S60 future owners get a little better bundle deal, there is nothing wrong with that. Tesla s a for profit business and not a free soup kitchen for the needy.

How about buying 1 adapter for each CHADEMO charger and sharing the cost like some were doing with the Roadster adapters. Maybe have a lock box with combination lock at each location (or other ideas for controlling access??). Lets brainstorm this for a more cost effective solution.

$1000 for an adapter seems rather pricee to me. After all how often will we need one once the superchargers are in.

And the adapter for Europe?

"CHAdeMO stations charge at the rate of approximately 70 miles of range per hour of charge with locations primarily in the Pacific Northwest."

70 miles of range per hour seems low for 50 kW stations. In fact, that is not much better than a 80 amp HPWC at 61 miles of range per hour.

I suspect that it is not DC to the battery pack. It might be using the twin chargers. The adapter might be so expensive because it is converting the DC CHAdeMO to use the on board chargers. 70 miles of range per hour might be the max of twin chargers. Just speculating on my part.

Well, this is partially helpful, partially disappointing. I did not want to have to be paying for Superchargers that I will rarely use, just to have access to what is becoming a DC charging standard.

Not really left with a good feeling to have that fee tacked onto it.

And by the way, the adapter looks like it has enough lever arm to break the charge port.

I do not think it is possible to use the CHAdeMO adapter on a car that is not SC-enabled. So Tesla has no choice but to bundle the SC activation fee, or you'd be getting it for free.

@jamesm - I don't think it is using the twin chargers, since there is no requirement for twin chargers to use the adapter and the max charge rate with twin chargers is 61.

I think it is DC input which explains the SC-enabled requirement. My guess is Tesla is limiting it to 70 miles of charge per hour (about 25kW?) to protect the batteries.

I'm thinking however the DC charge is tapered as the batteries become charged at a SC does not work with CHAdeMO and the adapter, so Tesla is limiting charging to 25kW.

That is a lot better than a 6kW Chargepoint charger, but it comes at a cost (the adapter). At least it is an option.

CHAdeMO is a complex standard, much more complicated than J1772. $1000 for the adapter is a reasonable price.

This thing looks very bottom heavy, imagine plugging the bottom portion into the CHAdeMO plug with a heavy cable hanging from it... how is this not going to put undue stress on the small charge port? I foresee cracked and broken charge ports in the future...

@AmpedRealtor: I'm curious about that too. I stopped by a Blink station to use the J1772 and the adjacent CHADeMO plug is gigantic (reminds me of a fire or aircraft refueling hose) with really thick cabling.

Shop: I agree its a complex protocol. Also impressed that Tesla made an adapter at all given the complexity.

How many people are going to shell out $1000 for it, or is it just to silence the pundits who thought it was going to be a $75 outlet adapter?

The price for 21" wheels is higher now too. In July it was 3500, then 4500, now 6500. These prices are for after delivery from the accessories store and do not include the tires.

@soma - since CHAdeMO is for DC charging, I don't believe anyone thought that the adapter wouldn't use the same DC pathways provided by the Supercharger option.

I don't know the details of the CHAdeMO voltage/current options, but is possible you only get 45kW at the highest voltage setting (just like you can only get 10kW per charger in the Model S if you have 250V supply).

Are there any people planning to buy this who can identify a specific location with an existing CHAdeMO charging station they plan to use with it? (I presume that between paying for the adaptor, paying for the electricity, and getting slower charging than at a Supercharger, the only reason to use this adaptor instead of a Supercharger is if there's a CHAdeMO station somewhere where there's no Supercharger. I'm also left wondering if additional Supercharger installations are therefore a better idea than this adaptor.)

Superchargers are fast and free.
CHAdeMO requires $1000 adapter and is slow.

I vote for more supercharger locations, and 80amp J1772 chargers which are almost as fast as CHAdeMO and require not adapter.

I vote for the 80 amp J1772

The Superchargers get us between major metro areas, the CHAdeMO charger gets us a faster charge once we get there. I own a ModS and a CHAdeMO capable LEAF. Having used it at my local Nissan dealer for the LEAF, I have to agree that it is a big heavy plug and will create a significant mechanical strain dangling from the ModS charge port. No thanks to that and the $1000 TM is charging for it.

The limited Power (25kW) and the steep price makes the adapter very unreasonable especially if we have 3phase charging up to 22kW in Europe.
Or probably Tesla wants to kill CHAdeMo Standard with this policy. TM has stet the mark for high capacity batteries which allows charging at SC-rates so 50kW CAdeMO will soon be obsolete. By the time other manufacturers come up with larger batteries the SC network will be very dense and instead of building their own network they will have to contract with TM. OK for me- the first one deserves the bigger part of the cake.

This might be an effort by Tesla to make CHAdeMo seem limited compared to the Superchargers. It they are limited to only 25 kW (70 mrph) then CHAdeMo looks inferior to Supercharger.

The adapter likely only has cable rated for that amount of power. If it allowed 50 kW it would probably melt.

The Nissan Leaf really only uses 25 kW or less. Even on those 50 kW CHAdeMo locations, it rapidly tapers to lower than 25 kW. At least, that is what I have read. I have not used it personally.

I doubt it's some kind of plot on the part of Tesla. I agree with tes-s that the limit on charge rate is probably due to the lack of 'intelligence' at chademo stations to taper charge as the battery gets full.