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V.I.N. # Problems with bank financing

My bank FIFTH THIRD Bank in Florida approved my financing $50,000 2.78% but will not release any funds because they cannot find the V.I.N. # in any data base anywhere and they are saying if it is not published in on any site it does not exist , so I have to pay for the car with my own personal funds and when the V.I.N. Shows up on some mysterios site they will finance the car ???????

Call the Tesla sales guys. I seem to recall they had some banks online, maybe?

Or you could just try another bank. Or better yet a credit union.

If you can just BUY the car, though, that is a better deal than borrowing, the way investment returns are these days...

If that happens to me, I'm in trouble because I don't have the cash laying around to cover the $50k that I would need to cover the balance on my Sig P85

No problem. I know that Alliant Credit Union finances Model S at 1.99% with great credit or at higher APR with lower credit. Anybody can join. I am sure there are others as well.


It depends. With an election year upon us, cash may be king again soon. So, I'm hanging on to it until I know whether we are staying the course or changing horses.

Who knows how people will respond if there is a change in course. I know that I will pull back significantly and watch for a while if there is a change.

Has anyone been approved at Wells fargo for the Model S??

Didn't cause a problem with my bank, but it did cause a minor problem with my insurance.

After buying the insurance online, I got both an email and letter telling me that the VIN number was invalid and that I should update it as soon as possible.

I verified that the VIN I entered matched the one physically on the car, and then I called up my insurance and told them that the VIN was definitely correct, and they simply removed the warning on their end.

I meant to add:

These banks can be kind of irritating sometimes, especially if they have your name and address and stuff. What do they think you're trying to do? Start a crack house with a phantom car loan or something?

No, but the MS makes a pretty good (and stealthy quiet and fast) dealer fancy show car, and it's got all those neat hidden compartments, in the nose cone and footwell and cargo compartment, and ....