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VIN Number: an important item to have, but how to get it?

Hello -

My experience so far with the "Your paperwork is ready" stage of pre-ownership boils down to one thing - I need to know the VIN number of my vehicle in order to finalize financing at my credit union and get a firm quote on my insurance.

One problem: the purchasing agreement does not state the VIN number (probably because it does not exist yet).

So here I am, #2641 Performance, ready to seal the deal, but since my delivery date is more than 90 days away (December or January), I cannot secure my loan yet. I also cannot apply for an initial loan, which I will re-apply for when the delivery date is in sight, due to lack of a VIN. And while my insurance company can give me a generic quote for the car, they cannot give me a firm quote without the VIN.

For us, loan approval is not a problem, nor is insurability. But without the ability to lock down both loan and insurance, I feel I am put at some level of risk.

I would like to know if any of you out there have experienced this quandary, and how you handled this awkward situation. . Forgive me if there are already posts on the subject - if so, please point me to them.


TM is selling the commitment to produce a car to spec. It is not selling an existing car. Maybe TM has arrangements with its "preferred" financers (BoA and Wells?) that bypass this.

As I understand it, you pay for the car on deliver (other than the reservation and the additional deposit required). Once the car is built, but not yet delivered, you'll have the VIN number.

on delivery

I am skeptical. Many buyers get preauthorized before even finding a car. And your insurance agent cant quote by the book, because no book exists, and wont for several years until they have data. You loan is based on your credit score, terms, and loan to value. You insurance agent can quote you based on the price and options. Vin is not required until you take posession. Breathe...

The real reason *I* want the VIN number is to get my personalized plate before someone steals it.

You can order plates ahead of time and picK them up later I think when you have a vin

Probably should have got the Sig then :-) and reserved much earlier.

By the way my license plate in Chicago will be
SANS GAS!!! Cute isn't it!!

Art, I have SANS GAZ in florida

Ron5, can't you order the plate you want and put it on your current car then transfer the tags to the new car? That is what I am doing in Maryland.

My wife said she saw my desired plate on a roadster around town recently. When I checked again online, i found it had indeed been taken. Curse you Racer X!

Why not "SANZ GAZ"??

Brian H, my limited french for "without gas". Is sans gaz..

Yez, but it soundz zippier with lotz of z's! Z?

English offers similar options:


Oops. Caps only!




Brian H--are you suggesting someone spell something incorrectly???!

I must have gone with the bilingual? I am glad you like it

FYI, I asked for and was given my VIN about two weeks before my scheduled delivery in Colorado.

Things get a little more challenging in MA where vanity plates cannot exceed 6 characters, and the first two are required to be letters. ZOINKS

Cindy (& Michael23),

I can't order the plate without the VIN, and in Florida if I put them on another car I can't remove them from that car unless I sell it (or trade it in). I will not be doing either when I get the Model S.

Nope. Yours is unilingual francophone. "Laine pûr"

Brian, you have gone to Quebecoise, no

True. But 'sans gaz' is pure French, Parisian style, too.

Forgive me, but none of you answered my request ("I would like to know if any of you out there have experienced this quandary, and how you handled this awkward situation."), which tells me that most, if not all, of you are not actually getting ready to purchase a vehicle from Tesla.

Go to sleep. Have fun with your fan blog.

@Steve, not everyone here is buying a Model S, true, but most of us are. The Navy Federal Credit Union send me a blank check with blank spaces for the VIN# and the amount (with pre-approval up to $60k). My Insurance company has already quoted me on the Model S, full coverage, light mileage per year but that was based on the Model S standard, I am buying a Signature. I don't see it going much higher, but I was quoted ~$650 every 6 months.

To answer the question specifically for me? Nope, no problem at all with that aforementioned quandary.

I guess if there is anything to worry about is the 3 month expiration date which is mid-October for me. Hoping they ask me to pay my balance by then or else I have some 'splaining to do!

Read them again. Some had no such request from their institutions. Others got pre-authorized loans based on other assets.

Don't let the door ...

"Go to sleep. Have fun with your fan blog."
Your attitude is unjustified and unfounded.

As are your conclusions...
"which tells me that most, if not all, of you are not actually getting ready to purchase a vehicle from Tesla."

I'm picking up in a week. But I didn't need finance. So, sorry, can't help. Definitely a fanboy.