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Is there a plan to resurrect the roadster?

Detroit Electric SP:01 is doing the same thing, so I have to imagine there's enough demand in the market to justify another production run ... I only wish I made my money sooner :/

Yes, about a year after the GenIII, on that platform, a much snazzier "ground-up" design. Have tissue handy to control drooling when it is revealed.

While I don't think it can be more than speculation at this point, yes it makes sense that the "Model R" as some are calling it will be based on the GenIII, and that the "skateboard" platform will allow it to be a 2+2.

What I'm personally hoping for is that the 2+2 will be a separate model, that the R itself will be a true 2-seater sports car, lower and lighter than its sister. Beyond that, we could see versions of the R approaching supercar territory...

If you want a Roadster there are many good CPO's for sale now at a good price and warranty.