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Super Charger From Harris Ranch, CA to Barstow, CA

This might be posted already but I cant find it.
From South San Jose to Las Vegas...

If I am at Harris Ranch SC, and want to charge at Barstow.

From: Harris Ranch, CA (24505 W. Dorris Ave Coalinga, CA 93210)
To: Barstow, CA (Country Inn and Suites Barstow, CA 92311)

Google Map Total Miles: 228 mi, 3 hours 32 mins (via I-5 S and CA-58 E)

*** Does anyone make this trip successfully?

The other option is to stop by Tejon Ranch, CA

From: Harris Ranch, CA (24505 W. Dorris Ave Coalinga, CA 93210)
To: Tejon Ranch, CA (5602 Dennis McCarthy Dr Lebec, CA 93243)
To: Barstow, CA (Country Inn and Suites Barstow, CA 92311)

Google Map Total Miles: 252 mi, 3 hours 55 mins (CA-58 E/Barstow - Bakersfield Hwy)

This option should work for sure...

Never pass up an opportunity to put some peace of mind trons in the tank. Stop at Tejon. If you experience an unexpected strong headwind in the high desert, it will eat your rated range at an alarming rate.

I used standard charge via 3 stations and of course that worked fine.

You should do fine with Max range for 228 miles for 2 stations. You have to watch your speed though. Make sure the GPS remaining miles is within your tolerance of dashboard battery gauge.

My tolerance is to start with 50 mile buffer then I can speed up all I want but I keep a minimum of 20 mile buffer at all time.

For instance, to start 228 to destination + 50 buffer = 278 but since you got only 265 EPA rated mile for max charge, that will do.

You drive for a while and look at the GPS that says there are 100 miles to the destination, and your dashboard battery gauge says 119 miles. It's only 19 mile extra buffer. I would slow down a little bit and by the next reading: GPS=80 miles to destination, battery gauge 100. You have extra 20 miles buffer in case you need it.

I have made that trip both ways several times. You will lose range going over Tehachapi Pass, but will make most of it up on the other side. As mentioned previously, set your gps settings and keep an eye on the difference in miles between the remaining range and the remaining distance. I like to switch to ideal miles because it gives me more granularity as to how I am doing. If you begin to get range anxiety, just slow down and put it on cruise control. When you feel comfortable about the range, speed up again. I actually made it from Barstow to Oakhurst (284 miles) using this method, but I don't recommend it. The uphill climb from Fresno to Oakhurst was harrowing. I wish they would put a Supercharger on the 99 for better access to the national parks in the Sierra Nevadas.

I took the safe route thru Tejon Ranch, CA

If you go to tejon ranch, then backtrack going thru Arvin and up to hi way 56? Or 58 ? Then you only lose about 15 miles and Barstow is at 75 mph instead or 60. Look at a map you'll see the street in Tejon takes you to Arvin.