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Signature or Signature

Is there a way to differentiate between the Signature Performance versus the regular Signature? Like something on the display screen that lets you know whether or not it is a performance model or is there a marking or writing (Performance) on the car itself?
Thanks, just curious.

The piping on the leather and the Nasa approved G-Force test on the human body.

I'm not an owner yet, but from what I've seen on screen shots the internal display shows P85 if it is the performance version.

This may have changed, however, originally it was supposed to be only the Peformance P85 had exterior carbon fiber accents (spoiler and front lip). I know there were a few issues with carbon-fiber on the front, and I am not sure if they made the rear spoiler available as a standard option, so all of this many have changed.

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If it says P85, what would the regular Tesla Model S Signature say?


"I'm not an owner yet, but from what I've seen on screen shots the internal display shows P85 if it is the performance version."


Is the piping only for the Signature Performance or do they also put it on the Production Performance?

Good question DR, they put the piping on both but only on the performance models.

Unless it's the white leather, then that would only be on a Signature Performance, I went black however!

Sorry, white leather with the grey piping!

Check out the VIN, specifically digit 8 (N for normal 85, P for perf 85) and digit 12 (S for signature):

Digits 1-3, WMI: 5YJ = Tesla
Digit 4, Line/Series: S = Model S
Digit 5, Body Type: A = 5 Door Hatchback LHD RWD
Digit 6, Restraint System: 1 = Manual Type 2 USA Seat Belts, Dual Front Airbags, Front/Rear Side Airbags, Knee Airbags
Digit 7, Charger Type: A = 10kw Charger
B = 20kw Charger
C = 10kw Charger, w/DC Fast Charge
D = 20kw Charger, w/DC Fast Charge
Digit 8, Motor/Drive Unit & Battery Type: C = Base A/C Motor, Tier 2 Battery (31-40kWh)
G = Base A/C Motor, Tier 4 Battery (51-60 kWh)
N = Base A/C Motor, Tier 7 Battery (81-90 kWh)
P = Performance A/C Motor, Tier 7 Battery (81-90 kWh)
Digit 9, Check Digit: Varible
Digit 10, Model Year: C = 2012
Digit 11, Manufacture: F = Fremont, CA (FRE)
P = Palo Alto, CA (PAO)
Digit 12, Production Series: A = Alpha Prototype
B = Beta Prototype
R = Release Candidate Vehicle
P = Production Vehicle
S = Signature Series Vehicle
F = Founder Series Vehicle
Digits 13-17, Production Sequence

(from this thread at TMC)

I ordered mine without carbon fiber spoiler. I didn't care for it on the Signature Red.


I have the tan leather in a production performance, but I hadn't seen the piping until you pointed it out. Very subtle on the tan -- I had to go back and forth in the Design Studio several times before I could be sure there was a difference.

I have a regular Sig, and while my VIN is correct (8th digit = N) my screen says P85. I believe this is merely incorrect and submitted it for remote change when the Ranger couldn't seem to change it using the standard tech screens. (None of the changes worked--he even tried to change the color just to see if it would stick, but it didn't. It was his first time trying to do that, so it may be he needed to do something else to enable it and just didn't know the magic thing to do.)

I have a regular signature and I just checked and mine says P85 also.

Heh, Eman. You got Stephen's car

I just read at TMC that there is another version of Signature. Apparently Elon Musk signed one of them with a sharpie during inspection. Very cool!

The owner didn't mention where he found the signature. Don't go ripping your cars apart to find one now!

I guess that might be the reason why try call them the "Signature' series.

Imagine if you owned a vintage Ford Model T with Henery Ford's signature on the body hidden somewhere... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

It looks like he signed under the visor.