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Obama needs to visit Tesla Motors Fremont factory

love that Tesla is in California USA

Obama visits are kiss of death for businesses. Keep him as far away from Tesla as possible!

Visit a month ago? yes.

Visit today? no.

The reasons have nothing to do with Tesla Motors.


No need for discussion. Perfectly clear. ;-)

The reality of Presidential visits are they create chaos around them. For Obama to visit the factory deliveries would be effected due to security restrictions placed on the factory and its workers. I'd hate to get a mail saying my car is delayed because Obama wants a photo opp to try and raise his approval rating.

Pretty much every commuter in the bay area would be effected by nasty traffic as he made his way from SFO or San Francisco to Freemont as well.

I think we get George Bush (who started the ATVM loan program) and Obama for a payoff ceremony.

Bush will get to try to rehabilitate his image (fail)

Obama will get to seem like he LOVES business (true)

Tesla will look like a bipartisan feel-good story.


+1 samosam

Have bush and obama at the pay off ceremony/press conference. That would be brilliant.

+1 jk2014

And invite Mitt Romney + Tea Party members too. Everyone has to learn a lesson or disappear

President - "What brings us together today is our belief in the American made innovation that has paid America dividends."

"We cannot allow states to dictate interstate commerce. So we are promulgating rules that will allow internet sales of electric vehicles directly to consumers."

- fade out

I would prefer that he didn't.

Samosam: I recently met a guy who said "the politician who started this govt loan to Tesla needs to be voted out " :^)

I don't mind Obama in a P85 + racing Bush (in a whatever) on the private track in the factory :-)

RedShift: I believe CERN has already tried a similar experiment, and the resulting high energy particle debris failed to exceed C. Rumours to the contrary were traced to a faulty connector. And in that experiment, both colliders were positively charged.

We jest, of course. And off course, of course.

Actually the idea of Bush and Obama 'tearing up the DOE loan' would be a good thing for Tesla, alternative energy and our country in general.

Elon should make an offer to give a free Tesla Model S to Mitt Romney. First he will have to apologize publicly for the moronic comment he made about Tesla being a loser, of course.

Could Obama visit Bradley Manning and the guy that made the dreaded Mohammed movie instead?

+1 to Obama and Bush racing!

I would love to see that "the first annual Tesla Presidential Race off is underfoot, time for these politicians to put their politics where their accelerator pedal is"


Keep politicians out of business!

Obama needs a lot of things, most of which he is at great pains to avoid, no matter how bumpy the bus ride gets.