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Model S Sport prototype picture

Cannot embed this pic, help!

this looks AWESOME!!

Sorry greekster. This is a prehistoric picture and nothing like the alpha prototype.

Photoshopped imagination of someone. I don't think that is what it was supposed to look at at any time.

I would love it if the model s sport looked like this!!! A little more aggressive styling cues...

That is a 4+ year old pic of a model s rendering done by ??

There is 0 chance that the model s will look like that.

I still would like it to have a bit of aggressive cuts Ike this, the sport version...

Give it a rest already!

I will not rest, not until tesla makes this the "sport look"!!!

Supergreekster, it'd be quicker for you to get Road & Track to build it since I believe they created the "photo" and tried to make us believe that was what the Model S would look like. It is their creation so they should build it.

You're not winning any approvals here greek, no one is gonna make a car just cause you spam some forums pulling for it. Let it go, plaster it on your ceiling, or whatever.

Wow, lots of insecurity huh?

Yeah, you are showing your insecurity VERY well geek.

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