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Model S rental Tampa/Orlando, Florida?

Headed down to Tampa/Orlando in August, is there any Tesla Model S rentals in the Tampa/Orlando area?
Please let me know!


Any Tesla owners in Tampa/Orlando be willing to rent their Tesla in August since there are no rentals as of yet.

Hi Eric,
I am considering to rent my tesla model s from December.
It would be Daily or weekly, in the Orlando metro area.
It is probably not relevent for you on this trip, perhaps on your next one.
I do wonder though for how long were you looking to rent and how much were you expecting to pay.
Just doing some market research, hope ypu don't mind sharing.

Pinny, please call me at 646-246-7427. I'm landing in MCO today, staying at the Waldorf-Astoria and want to rent your Tesla.


Had a conversation just a couple of days ago with the rental guy from Enterprise. He gave me a few reasons why electric cars are not good fit for car rental business model. Maybe in twenty years he said. His reasoning was partially correct.

I gave it five. But anyway. Would love to see how this works out.


I am looking to rent your Tesla for a day for my husband for Christmas, please contact me.



I am in Tampa, FL. I will be getting married in June of this year and would love to drive off from the church in a Tesla. Are you still allowing rentals for your Model S? If so, please contact me at my personal e-mail address:

Thank you,


You will just inspire insatiable greed in your bride. Better not do it! >:P


Luckily, She has already seen one, fell in love with the design, and has given me the go ahead and buy once I have the 50% of vehicle cost saved up for it. She even went as far as quizzing me on the car. I couldn't answer one question off of the top of my head. Her response was "come on, if you really want this car, I expect you to know every detail of it..." I'm an engineer, she is a teacher...

@JGirwarnath - Come on, an engineer befuddled by a teacher??? Go marry her at once! Tie the knot in Vegas, save a fortune on the wedding, and use the proceed as 50% down payment on the MS.

All your problems resolved at the same time. You can thank me later.


@Matthew98 - I definitely will be marrying her! We're getting married this June. Hence the need for the rental. My dad made the same suggestion about Vegas and the down payment. I'm laughing while typing.

Hopefully, the dream of the 1 day drive (for now) comes true.

@JGirwarnath - Ya know, wise men think alike!

Congrats on acquiring the future (very intelligent) bride.

If you find one, take a bucket of money. Enterprise here in Scottsdale has two of them. They are $250 per day.


Looking to possibly rent a Model S next week on a two day rental (March 3rd - March 4th 2015) in the Orlando, Florida area. It doesn't appear Enterprise or Hertz has them, and the Longwood dealership apparently doesn't do rentals.

Any help would greatly be appreciated!


Hi everyone,

I am looking for a rental of a tesla on July 18th for my wedding.

Please contact me on my personal email address