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Meetup at Seattle Store

This is being organized by Tesla in Seattle. Street parking is free on Sunday, so even though the parking lot is small, hopefully parking won't be a problem. It will be cool if we can see a lot of Teslas lined up outside.

I'm planning on being there!

Me too!

It's a "maybe" for me.

I wanted to start a separate thread here, but I see it was already done! I'm just bringing over the text from the first post in the linked thread above. Hope to see a lot of you there!

August 25 – 10:00am to 2:00pm
Tesla Seattle – 435 Westlake Ave N

Tesla would like to invite you to our Seattle showroom for our first Monthly MeetUp! We will have representatives from both Service and Sales available to answer ownership questions, and will provide coffee and other refreshments for your enjoyment.

We take great pride in the fact that Tesla has such an amazing group of happy owners in the Northwest who are driving GAS FREE! Every single one of you has contributed to our efforts to put more electric cars on the road, and we sincerely appreciate your loyalty and support. We hope this will provide a great opportunity for you to meet and mingle with other members of the Tesla community, put faces to names, share stories and ask questions.

Additionally, you are invited to stay with us when we open the store at noon to meet with prospective Model S buyers and share your Tesla experience. In our opinion, no one is better at welcoming people into the Tesla family than all of you! If you are interested, please RSVP to Genny Carter at gcarter at teslamotors dot com.

We would love to see you there!

I'll miss it, I'm very sad to say. I'll be on my way back from Jack Anderson's Electromotion EV Winery tour in Chelan. (The first time I've wished I'd sprung for an 85kWh pack.) I hope we will have many regular events, certainly one after Service moves to the new location.

I'll unfortunately be out of town :(

Sign me up for 3 persons, please.

i'll be coming from chelan, if the traffic's not bad, should be there.

Wow, long way

We will be there with a friend looking to purchase a new S

Bryant: I was at the Bellevue service center today where they have a dozen (or so) loaners. They said the cars can be bought and there was a mileage credit of about a dollar/mile. Something to consider.

Forgot to say you still get the $7500 tax credit and no sales tax.

BTW, I asked the Bellevue store manager about the new Seattle Service Center down at the old Stadium Nissan. She said the latest ETA was September sometime, that all the electrics were in thanks to Nissan. She hedged about a supercharger there, saying she thought other sites were under consideration, but didn't disagree with me when I noted that it was hard to do better than at the intersection of I-5 and I-90.

I do think that Tesla ought to want at least one SC next to a service center so they could test out new charging arrangements where Tesla service employees were nearby, avoiding those half-day round trips to the typical SC locations. It would also be a great place to try out valet supercharging, given all the sports stadiums.

Forgot to note that the new Seattle Service Center is in a huge 1-2-story building with a flat roof having an unobstructed view of the sky (except for several morning hours in winter). Ideal for solar. I'll post a photo, maybe tomorrow.

Note the abundance of electricity passing by.

I believe my S is the very first to actually enter the building!
Several weeks ago I parked there to visit Pacific AB across the street. The contractor came out and alerted me to back in parking only so I started to turn around...he invited me to pull in!

I have a few photos. The place is huge! the fans are outrageous and there are plate steel interior walls. Lots of recycle stuff.
There is a strong possibility for a SC on site but I am convinced it will be for shop use. Now I am also sure that the lads won't turn down an owner who is low on charge just like all the other service centers.

The body shop across the street is qualified and being in the business I can vouch for them. See Jerry if you need collision work and since Tesla is across the street, parts should not be an issue.

Good to see the level of support is growing to match the inventory in the NW. Kudos Tesla!