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Lost my display on the drivers console.

I had a small display to the left of the speedometer that showed either what music was playing or navigation depending on what I had playing on the top half of my 17" touch screen and now it is gone. Have not figured out how to get it back. Anyone know?

Push and hold the left scroll wheel. It will come up with a menu for what you want displayed in that location

Known bug--seems to happen after using Navigation and cancelling navigation. Your prior left hand instrument panel display goes blank. As Theresa said, use the left hand scroll wheel to bring back your selection.

I have it happen after using Navigation also. It corrects itself on occasion or i use the left hand scroll to bring it back also.

It did happen after I used navigation! You all rock, thanks for the help. Gotta go find an excuse to take the S out for a spin now....

I think Software update V4.5 fixed the problem of disappeared Media Screen after Garmin Navigation Screen.

The same thing happened to me, but when I needed to navigate, it worked just fine, so I wasn't too worried about it. It is wonderful to have confirmation and solutions here. Thanks, all.

I was going to suggest - pull the fuse and reinsert, which seems to be most remedies. However, as pointed out, the left scroll wheel is the first troubleshooting step.

I had a similar black out my dashboard. It all came back in about 5 -10 seconds...really weird. Don't remember what was happening at the time. I was doing something, but it wasn't navigation...oh getting old.