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fun rally?

Is there any interest in doing a fun rally?
There is a classic Corvette rally called The
Tea Party that would work well and would
be great fun..

I recently gave a very short Tesla demo drive to my friend Bill. He is very experienced and active in organizing TSD rallys, and since then we have been chatting about a Tesla rally, or perhaps a Tesla Class in one of his club's Friday night rallys. Either way, Tesla drivers would be competing against each other, not against folks with years of experience and cars using very specific rally computers.

Bill is the Rally Master tomorrow (May 8) evening. He has extended a special welcome to all Tesla drivers for this fun event. Just show up at the EastGate Park & Ride off I-90 by 7 pm. Bring a teammate to navigate and a watch with a second hand. Unless you have been in three or more rallys, you will be entered in the Novice Class. You will be given directions to the first check point, and the average speed to keep to get there, all on good roads and streets and always within all speed limits. Teams are given points for each second they arrive early or late. They then receive directions to the start of the next leg, where they are held until told to start again.

Teams with the lowest total points at the end of the final leg are given awards in each of four classes, depending on experience and equipment. This takes place about two hours after starting, all while enjoying pizza with all the other participants.

No advance registration required. Just show up for an evening of driving fun!


The NCC rallys are much different from this sort of rally.
The Tea Party winning team is decided on lowest mileage through the course. The route is set in a location with numerous T intersections and ends at a park or watering hole.

At each T intersection the driver/Navigator have a option of which way to turn and within a given distance, usually a 1/2 mile, a sticker (in this case the Tesla logo) can be found indication the correct choice. Making the wrong choice means backtracking and adding mileage. Of course missing the sticker also adds miles.

The great thing about this rally is random chance so no techy knowledge of handling ability play.

Traditionally in South Florida, the rally master wore a top hat and set the "Mad Hatter" flavor. Competitors were also encouraged to bring outrageous hats. Additionally, teams were told it is best to find another partner since spousal arguements were common because of wrong way choices.

In all it was great fun.

Sounds fun!

@ Epley

May see you there if my navigator can make it............

My navigator showed up just in time last Friday evening to find our way to the Bellevue Park-&-Ride, then find the rally group. We registered, got a number, then a short Q & A session, aimed particularly at us and all the other novices. Teams left at one minute intervals, with instructions to drive exactly one MPH below all posted (Black on White) speed limit signs. Sounds simple, except for a bunch of yellow arrow sign warning about 15 MPH corners on dark, narrow, shoulder-less country roads!

We would catch up with a few earlier cars at each check point, then wait until our newly assigned times to start the next leg. Navigator was constantly reminding driver to maintain the specific speed; the Tesla cruise control was most helpful when driver could pin the exact target speed. Only to have it change at some later speed limit signs.

After two hours and perhaps fifty miles, everyone arrived in Maltby and devoured pizza while scores were calculated. First, second and third place trophies were awarded in each class. Noisy, but everyone was having lots of fun.

Our Tesla received even more than the usual attention and questions. We used the clock on the big nav screen, until that screen went dark for about two minutes. Next time we'll synchronize that with a watch with a second hand, so we can be more precise when told to "pause for xx seconds" etc. A very small flashlight would also be useful for our clipboard.

There were perhaps a dozen experienced volunteers handling registration, check points, score checking and awards. The Rally Master and a partner had pre-run the course on Monday, entering data into a special computer program. They ran it again on Tuesday to confirm everything before preparing the detailed instruction handouts. Many volunteer hours of preparation and years of experience resulted in a very smoothly run event.

With the ever growing number of Tesla owners in the area, there is certainly potential for future Tesla only rallys. Until that time, several organizers suggested adding a "Tesla Only" class or classes to one or more of their forthcoming events, with separate awards and trophies. That would let folks compete only against one another, while gaining experience and momentum to someday organize their own. Before they are asked to set up a Tesla Class, there should be at least a tentative commitment from enough Tesla teams to make that extra effort worth their time, expense and expertise. That can be done here, or better yet on the Northwest Tesla Owners Club site.

It certainly sounds like fun to me. I've always wanted to do a rally. I just need to get Tessie back from the rebuild shop. (They've had her longer than I did before she went in for repairs after an encounter with a cement truck's trough on the Narrows Bridge. Glad I'm not paying for the repairs $$$. I hate the rental car. Tesla needs to get a great deal better about providing replacement parts.)

I'll keep an eye out for more discussion on the NWTOC site.

Plug-In NCW invites you all to the Wenatchee Ice Age Floods EV Rally. We called it a Rally, but it is not really a road rally, we have a guided tour of the geologically significant features around the Wenatchee Vally area. It is an EV only EVent and there is no entry fee. We are hosting this event to commemorate the opening of the Highway 2 electric route last year. Springhill Suites is our starting and ending point. Plug-In NCW will host a BBQ at the Springhill after the tour. There will be music, food and EV drivers what more could you want for a 29 June Saturday? Springhill is offering reduced room rates for anyone wanting to stay overnight. They have L2 charging at the property and Wenatchee has several charging opportunities. If you are interested send me an e-mail: (Start 1 PM, BBQ Approximately 4:30 PM Saturday 29 June 2013)