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Door handle safety

I was just thinking today about the door handles and Google search didn't pull anything up. The question is, will the door handles sense a hand in the jam and therefor stop from closing/squeezing them? I ask for the sake of the kids, I may open the door and hop in the car and the kids haven't yet, they reach for the Model S handle right as it's retracting... what happens?

Yes, I was told that they will sense your hand inside and not crush it.

I would guess that you would be in more danger if your finger was not large enough or in far enough to be sensed. I think it would not crush your finger in any case - just stop at any 'back pressure' from something caught.

Either way, happy to hear that little fingers will be spared, thanks... :) If someone with a Model S can confirm it too? That would be great! Please use a banana, surgical gloves blown up like a balloon or something and not your hands, just in case... :D

The answer should be the same as for the windows (think small kid standing on the seat looking out the window, and accidentally triggering the window-up with the foot). Anti-pinch is a common treat of these kinds of applications.

(Can I use "treat" in this context or should it be "feat"?)

Or dog! I accidentally rolled my poor labs tail up in the window of my current car. No harm but she was pretty upset.

Had my test drive today. The door handle is "powered out" spring returned so if you put your hand in as the handle is recessing there is just gentle pressure against your fingers. As soon as you remove your fingers the handle continues to recess. Should not be a problem even for little hands.

Thanks kevjo, that is reassuring!

I would also assume that the motor (or spring or whatever) is not very powerful. There is no reason that it should have more strength than is necessary to pull/push the door handle. I guess I don't really know, but the door handle doesn't seem like it should be very heavy, and the motion is horizontal (as opposed to something like the windows, which have to move and hold against gravity, and glass is heavy, of course).

Little hands are fragile as well. Your hand or my hand might get pinched a little while the tiny hands could be a different story. Just wanted to make sure it was thought of and tested for safety. It's something new in cars so I had no other frame of reference for it that I know of.