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Cost & Availability of NEMA 6-50 Adapter

Does anyone know what TM charges for a NEMA 6-50 adapter? I already have the 14-50, so I assume I would have to pay for a second 240V adapter. Also, do they typically stock them at the Service Center (Seattle in my case)? Should more of them be available now that the HPWC is out?

Tell me about it. I'm now very desperate for my NEMA 6-50 adapter. I am charging on a 110v outlet each night and sneaking power from the local Chargepoint stations when I can.

I know Tesla are very busy trying to break even and make a few coins but we desperately need them to stock some parts at the service centres.

They are available and ready for purchase...

You will note that my post is almost two months old. Yes, last I checked, they were available at the Seattle Service Center.

The 14-30 is available (ne dryer) - what about the 10-30? (old dryer)

The 10-30 would work at old motels that have electric dryers with a 50' extension cord so it would be nice to have handy

They are VERY low on the 6-50. I tried to buy one from the store, and they're backordered. Thankfully, my local service place had a couple and got me one.

@electricblue030 - yes, the 10-30 is available as well. I picked my 14-30 and 10-30 adapters from the Atlanta service center (of course after building my own adapters since I needed 10-30 for driving to a friend's house out of town before the adapters were available).

You may have difficulty finding a 10-30 extension cord - you will probably have to make your own.