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Charging unit in The US and Europe

I would like to know whether the supercharging plugs in US and Norway are different. I was thinking of importing a Tesla from the US. Could anyone from Tesla Motors answer me if it is possible to use a Tesla's supercharger in Norway to charge a Tesla bought in the US.
Regards Mathew

They are the same.

Wrong. They are completely different. The European Teslas use a Mennekes connector.


Check post number 19 in this thread for photographic proof:


So if we import a Tesla from the US to Norway we wont be able to use the superchargers here? How about for model X?

@Mathewsa - No you will not. Unless they make an adapter. Which I think is unlikely.

Thanks Brian! I tried doing that but couldn't make it work. I was trying on a first gen iPad though. ;-)


Here's the US version for comparison:

Sorry. On the iPhone now and can't seem to link a photo directly. Maybe Brian would be so kind as to post directly again for us. ;-)


<img src="URL" width="600"> (column max)

Thanks Brian!

Yup. I've saved the HTML code now but can't seem to be able to copy and paste the URL using my iPhone or iPad.


It's not copy-paste, exactly. Rt-click and select "Copy image location", and use that in the HTML.

Right click on an iPhone or iPad? You might have to show me that in person. ;-)

Context menu. If you can manage it.