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Where have you seen a Model S? And what color and where was it Spotted?

My wife and I are still spotting model S. Still only seen two in a day. How many are being spotted? Where?
Someday next year we will be spotting in our own! Enjoy.

Saw a red one on I-5 East near Tracy, CA. Showed it to my wife. Was the slowest car in the 4 lanes

Hypermiling in an S should be verboten! >:(

Why abandon the old thread and start a new one? I checked it out and it doesn't have any bad smell to it! ;-)

Thanks Volkker
Couldn't find the good old thread. Strange? How did You?

LOL, V.B, you have a sense of humor too? The full package, what lucky woman scooped you up? :D

Spotted a second Model S on El Camino in Menlo Park this afternoon headed north. Lovely Sig Red. Guess we will see many as the service center is just a few blocks away. Ok with me.

Oops! wrong thread.sorry

Blue, black, white, gray,......
Yikes! I am seeing them on the local streets, on I280, 101, and many parking lots....all in one Day!
Sigh...just another Tesla, with the 85 tag on its tail.
Loving It!

Black on in Manhattan driving down Lexington Ave in the 40s
Gray one on York Ave & 76th St
Saw those two in the same week about a month ago, and then none since!

I saw one in Victoria BC, turning north onto Blanshard from Bay Street. I think it was blue. It blew me away anyway.

How about adding to the thread
which has a lot more entries!

Have spotted a black one in Banner Elk, NC on several occasions now on HWY 105. Beautiful car! Would love to see it close up.

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