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Traffic jam at the hawthorn supercharger today

Around 3pm I got the last fee spot before about 5 more tealas showed up.
Got to talk with sone very cool owners.

While conversing i noticed that my rear tesla embalm is missing.
Got my car in Friday will have to call and see Whalen I can get it fixed.
Also didnt receive a tesla branded license plate holder

Other than that so far soooooo good.

csb ?

Why was Hawthorne so busy? Just Sunday commute traffic?

How many stations, how many cars were waiting, how long did it take to get started, how long did you charge?

No pics! It didn't happen

There were no waiting lines at any Floridaa Supercharging stations today.

Bobinfla +100


There are 4 stations. I charged about 30 minutes.
How do i post pictures?

You should upload the pictures to fickr, or your favorite hosting site, then copy the 'share' code that starts with <a href=... or <img src=...

If the code already includes a "width=" item, change the number to be 600 to make it fit here; also delete the height="..." bit so that the picture retains its aspect ratio. If it doesn't, find the bit of the code that starts with <img src=... and find the > sign. Add width="600" just before it.

You should be good to go.


Yeah SuperCharging in FL....! Waiting for that! Are you in Miami?

With all the lightning in Florida, I thought you just needed a long antenna and a HEAVY cable.

I took pictures right after i got there and didnt take them after the pile up.
Was talking to the other owners to much. But as you can see from the back of my silver S im missing my Tesla Emblem and a nice license plate holder. Im on the way to the west La service center today to hopefully get it fixed.

@FLSportsCarEnth: No, I am up in Tampa. Can't wait until the SCs arrive somewhere in Florida to open up my joy riding range.

FL awaits the "No-Charge Charger Charge".

Nice pics, thx for sharing. Someday (I hope soon) there will be full parking lots of these solar-shaded charge spaces.

The Hawthorne station will always be busier because for many Tesla owners, that Supercharger is within a reasonable distance to "top off." One of the challenges Tesla faced in So Cal was where do you put a charger for MS owners who last charged in Tejon and are continuing on to San Diego, an additional 190 miles plus or minus.

Good for the owners who live and/or work near the Hawthorne charger but bad for the folks who really need it to continue their journey. I will hope there will be honor amongst owners so the locals will not use this Supercharger as their personal charging unit.

They will/should eventually figger out that the free electricity is paying them back at minimum wage or less for the time spent to collect it.

@exPGAhacker - I live close to the Gilroy SC, so I am local. Why should I not use SC when needed?
I used to drive by the SC in my ICE two or three times a week - always nobody charging... not a single car. I bet most of the times the SC are not used.
Last Sunday after I had my MS for a week I went to Gilroy to test the SC... no car in the stalls. So I plugged it in and came back after walking around for 10min and then there where all four stalls occupied and 5 MS waiting (looked like the Monterey crowd was heading home) - side note : it seems to me MS owners like to socialize at the SC... just kidding.
We all are in the process of learning...
Next Tuesday I will need to use the SC because I come from long trip and next day I need to go on an even longer trip and I can not recover to full range in my garage overnight (TM can not supply the adapter needed)
So for me the only question is how to deal with it
- sit in the car and if stalls are full pull out ( I am not in a rush, and I understand folks want to move on )
- get a cell phone ( so far no need for me to have one ) and put sign "charge not critical- call me"

We'll figure this out over time... this Tuesday I'll sit in the car and read the manuals.

The Hawthorne Supercharger is right on my commuting route with no detour required. I really doubt that I'll use it much, though, since it's just so convenient to wake up with a "full tank" at home. Unless they add a Starbucks, who wants to stop for 15 min on an LA freeway commute? Some schnorrers will use it as their commuter top up, it really doesn't make much sense to do so.

I was dropping family off at LAX last night, after full day of driving around. I thought it a good time to try Hawthorne SC for the first time. I've had my 60kWh MS for about 6 weeks and 2700 miles so I'm fairly comfortable with its range behavior. I had about 60 rated miles left for 40 mile drive home; adding a little wouldn't hurt and a good excuse to see the SC. I drove by at 11:00pm but the JH road was blocked and closed. I drove around the other side but same prob. Oh well, maybe next time. I made it home too but didn't need to waste the energy. I also ended up having to take detours because of traffic issues. I got to see the yellow battery graphic and dashed line on the power indicator for the first time. It could have been much worse for me. Still, I was miles from Brodering. ;-)

There isn't an app with real time SC status that would have helped? Recargo and Plugshare didn't. It would be convenient.


+1 on realtime status of sc.
Could build it into an iPhone app or new app for the car.

With only 9 locations, a simple web page with real time status would be plenty for now.

hello from Miami .... awaiting delivery of my MS in april.....
are there SC in florida?

Congrats Flyfr8, but warning, the days do go slower the closer you get. No superchargers in Florida yet, recharge supercharge vicariously through the californians for now.

I'm not saying don't use it. If I were close and it was convenient, I'd probably do the same. But I will assume there are a handful more MS owners in the surrounding LA area than in the Gilroy area so the Hawthorne location is a bit more problematic than most being located in a highly populated area as it is.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are part of a cool new community. I think we'd all bend over backwards to assist fellow owners. My point originally (which I probably didn't make clear) was my hope that we all work together and treat the SCs as a bonus, not as a given. If someone were on a long journey and I was just topping off, I would yield the station... as I suspect most of us would.

I haven't needed to rely on an SC yet but will be making my first long road trip on Saturday afternoon before Easter. Heading from Tustin, CA to Paso Robles, CA. The plan is to stop at the Tejon station to charge while I grab some food. Then onward to Paso where my father in law is saving a trickle charge outlet for me in the garage. However, he hasn't said whether he's willing to give up an actual garage spot to me yet! I'm hoping the cord reaches the driveway!!

Do the math I suggested: calculate the value of the electricity your get, and divide by the total time (driving to/from, and charging). I think you'll find you'd do better at a minimum wage job.

type: electricity you get ...

WHY is the typo obvious and frontandcenter the INSTANT you hit "Submit"? Does the "seeing what you expect" function turn off as soon as you relax your attention? Grrrr...

It is not convenient and definitely does not pay my time. I have only 110V charging right now until we have figured out my electricity... my commute is 5 miles RT so no problem. However back to back long trips are not possible out of my garage currently, but we can always take the other car.

I wish TM would sometime in the future publish the SC patterns so we could avoid known crowding. I was just simply shocked... From zero to nine in 10 min. There are also lots of MS in the Bay Area and going to Monterey area you need the Gilroy SC on the way back.

And I have no problem to abort the charge I don't need... I just have to stay with the car or get a cell phone.