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Time for a Model X nose job?

There are threads going on the Model S topic about the grille/nose of the Model X and almost without exception most posters think that the grille/nose is the weakest point of the design and, in fact, looks 'cheap'.

Some have resorted to altering the colour/finish of the grille - matt black; coloured coded; chrome/reflective and so on.

Maybe it is time for Tesla to note this response as the Model X has a very similar nose.

I personally prefer the Model X design and like the apparently shorter nose but still feel that the proposed grille/nose lets it down in the same way as it does the Model S.

I realise that Tesla were going for a conventional look early on but surely Tesla acceptance is now strong enough for a (slightly) more radical design language?

What do other Tesla-maniacs and potential Model X owners think?!

Sorry my checking is poor - discussions on the Model S site re the Model S nose - not the Model X - obviously.....

I like the nose on my MS. I also think it's smart for Tesla to stick with a design that people like rather than going for an "unconventional" look. I think that's been a major downfall of other players in the EV space. Look at the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Mitsubishi MiEV, etc. what do they have in common? They're all ugly. Tesla went with a more conventional look on purpose, and (for now) I think they should continue that. When they become a giant in the industry, them they can start playing around with their designs.

I think a conventional grille look would be fine. Unfortunately what they've got now looks like a fish gasping for air. I agree the nose cone is the least inspired part of the S/X design.

I read all the reviews from magazines and most of the people agree that the nose look cheap and is ugly. You can be conventional, Maserati style, or Panamera style still. But Tesla due a price is a luxury sedan and the nose look cheap. Some companies are working in offering nose styles and I will jump buying one. The only reason I got the black model was bc the ugly nose blend with the car.

The nose cone discussion has been going on since the first MS Alpha was unveiled. I don't think Tesla lost any sales because of it.

Remember - CD of .24, makes for more range. A classic ICE grille would spoil that. No need to cool an ICE, no need for a grille...

You mean "no need to cool an EV, ..." There is some need, but easily handled with Tesla's small venting.

When I first saw the nose of the Model S i did not like it, but after nearly 6 months of ownership, I love the nose and would not change it is any way.

I think this is another example of Elon knowing what we want before we know what we want!!

Brian H - I meant no need to cool an ICE in the MS, therefore no need for a grille. Yeah, the small vents do the job.

Ah, ICE C.

I love the MS design look and have ordered one. I do not like the MX look at all. It looks like the MINI overhaul that, IMO ruined the MINI iconic brand. I am sure TM can do better with the MX design to make it more unique and more SUV and less MS makeover!

I think that Holzenhauser (spelling?) needs to grow a pair and needs to get rid of that piece of plastic and go with the Porsche blunt nose with two side vents or a small lower vent which the Model S already has. Just saying! I hope someone at Tesla reads this stuff.

Interesting to note that Teslaccessories is working on an alternative nose cone for the Model S.

...scroll down a bit...

If that's successful they may consider doing one for the Model X too.

Just a large raised X on the cone, corner-to-corner!

I see the faux grille on the S as a bumper area, guessing it's more resistant to scuffs and scratches than the paint. On the X it's a bit less convincing, being higher up, but still, this is a practical feature.

In the video of the recent shareholders' meeting someone asked if and when the S might get refreshed. Elon's answer was that this sort of thing is usually done by other manufacturers about every 3 years, and that we may expect some changes for model year 2015.

If I had anything to do with the changes, they'd bring it back toward the prettier Model S Alpha:

Use width="600"

Yeah, sorry about that (or AM I?)... The images I copied the URL from looked quite small enough on the Google Image Search page.

At full size, though, you can't miss the differences.

Can't see the car for the fenders.

We are not talking about conventional vs unconventional look, the Tesla S nose is the ugliest on any car on this price, in fact I choose the black color just to hide it. It looks cheap. I don't understand is like Porsche Panamera, 99% of people thing it has an ugly rear and they won't change it, I hope Testa is not following the same route.

I would think the current Model S design (grille) is in order to have as low drag coefficient as possible. An "open" grille would induce drag.

I think it's quite nice actually. And it kinda reminds you that this is and electrical car, not one that needs air cooling of the radiator.

There are radiators for the cooling system, fed air by vents under the bumper. Just not as large as an ICE needs.

Mr. Musk,

Please roll out the Model X ASAP. The longer you keep us waiting, the more time we'll have to criticize every inch of this car before we even see one in person. The car is amazing the way it is.

I often compare making a major purchase to choosing a wife, and criticizing the Model X for the next year + will be like the fiancé bachelor getting last minute jitters when "the grass is greener on the other side" thinking takes hold.

People who are not convinced they like the Model X could purchase another car from infinite options, just like there are more fish in the ocean...

Meanwhile Tesla stock jumped to $192 today as the market crashed...

Some people should never get married.

I love these threads . And agree whole heatedly the nose cone is WEAK . And I'm saying that from a design perspective . I am a designer and have spent 20 years designing products for consumers . There are 2 great points to date in the above thread . 1 . It does look like a fish gasping for air !LOL . 2 the model S was designed to be familiar . Every major car manufacture with the exception of 2 VW and Porsche re following the large defining front grill trend Audi seem to have nailed this and in my subjective opinion have the best design offering. musk and Design team have done a great job in almost all areas with exception of the nose . Early concepts , alpha , beta , and even 1st production show a lack of clear vision on this. I know there are a few industrial designers out there reading this ( I know some of them ) who agree . tesla need to take a little more risk in this area. Familiar is great for middle tier / lower tier vehicles but premium cars demand premium design .
Premium design shows up and delivers on every level . Faux anything is superfluous . The design needs editing
MS.2.0 MX2.0 I think will evolve in this area.

Still getting my MS . The rest of the car compensates . Come on car / industrial designers out there take a stab at a new front end design .

So design an aftermarket cone, and sell them!

I would simply prefer if the S and X didn't look as similar. If you take a picture of the S and stretch it a bit vertically, it looks like the X. The two vehicles will look identical in most rear-view mirrors...