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Sub Zero Weather Package and Parking Sensors now up on

No mention of retrofit. Also they have added other options and completely redesigned the "Design Studio" section of website where you pick out options. Options now are:

Carbon Fiber Wing - $1500
HPWC - $2700
Tech Package - $3500
Smart Air Suspension - $2250
Parking Sensors (req's tech package) - $500
Fog Lamps - $500
Ultra High Fidelity Sound - $2500
Extended Napa Leather Trim - $2500
Alcantara Headliner - $1500
Rear Facing Seats - $2500
Premium LED Lighting - $1000
Sub Zero Weather Package - $750
Parcel Shelf - $250

They also now have 3 styles of 19" rim: standard, "Aerodynamic and Cyclone" both of which are $2500 upgrades, Cyclone looks very similar to the 21's which are now called "Turbine"

In addition, you can chose 'standard' or 'performance' seating, the later being with the Alcantara like a standard P85 seat which is a $2500 upgrade. The 'yacht floor' is $500, while interiors now only piano black is included, everything else is a $650 upgrade except for carbon fiber which is now $800.

So I recreated my car, which I received in Feb, and with the exact same options, my car is basically $10K more....pretty shocking that prices are being jacked up as much as they are. they've gone to grouping things into packages more towards 'a la carte' like typical ICE car manufacturers. What was a $950 Sound Studio Package is now a $2500 Ultra High Fidelity Sound package - and there's nothing on the website to indicate what if any difference there is. Air suspension has been jacked up $750. The HPWC interestingly is unchanged, as the new 'package' includes the onboard twin charging - which is not longer a package. To get it, you must buy the HPWC.

Interesting stuff.

Scratch 'exact' car would cost $12,000 more I guess that's the early adopter discount.

Panoramic roof went from $1500 to $2500 as well. You want leather on your dash? You're going to pay for it. Wood trim? Paying for it. Alcantara headliner, all 12 inches of it if you have the panoramic roof, you're going to pay for it.

My car that I've built 734 times is now around $5000 more and doesn't include a lot of the things the old one included. But hey, I saw the notices flying by that there was going to be a price increase.

Those parking sensors are in there, though. Whew!

Also note that not only is Leather seating a $2500 option, if you want "performance" seats, its another $1000 bringing it to $3500 total.

I notice you cannot get the twin chargers by itself anymore - only if you buy them with the HPWC. My same design is now around $5k more and that's not including the twin charger. I'm picking up next week so I can't be certain where I have leather and where I don't.

How about $1000 for the litle lights under the door arm rests and back seat? $1500 for the slightly longer carbon fiber spoiler?

I didn't want those options anyway so I actually appreciate that they are now broken out as line items but if I had wanted them I would be slightly annoyed.

My only item of concern now is the upgraded stereo. I didn't think the stereo was that great on my test drive - I figured for $950 it might be worth it. If it's that same stereo for $2500 - no way. I'll delete that option and go aftermarket for $3000 and put in a rocking system. The only way to find out is for Tesla to release something official about the specs of the new system (unlikely) or wait for the first reviews to start coming in.

All in all as a Tesla shareholder I am pleased to see these changes. I always thought $1500 for the panormaix roof was ridiculously cheap - especially with the early issues and many visits and fixes at the Service Centers.

whoops, scratch that. $1500 for leather, plus $1000 for "performance" seats. making it $2500.

The bottom line is there has been HUGE price increases...huge.

Before: Leather Interior $1500
After: Leather interior $1500 (seats) + $2500 Dash/doors/armrest = $4000

If you had a P, that was included, along with Alcantara headliner (now $1500) and "Performance Seats" ($1000 upcharge from $1500 standard leather seats). So if you ordered a P before, you got $6500 of included interiors which is now not standard - plus you got active air, which is another now $2250, carbon fiber spoiler, now $1500, and fog lamps, $500...They've lopped off $10,750 of what was formerly standard inclusions in the P which are now

So my money is locked in and I pushed my delivery date from August to March to finish getting my business setup. My question is, will I benefit from any the new features like the sound studio upgrade I ordered or will they still "source" old parts next February when they go to build my car. I noticed the View Details button is gone from My Dashboard.

Other cool things: There is a drastic difference between White and Pearl White when you choose the color options. That Pearl White really shows why it's $1500 more than the white - something I had a hard time seeing under the old paint selection process.

And I love the 19" wheel options! It always bugged me that I had to go with the flat-prone bent-rim-prone 21" combinations if I wanted anything other than the stock 19"s. Not any more!

Interesting, and disappointing. I like the car and may still buy one. But the price bump has made me rethink things a bit.
The model I "designed" came to a little over $80,000. Now it looks like its around $86,000 with fewer features. It has made me realize I need to take a second look at the car market to review what else I can get for the money. There are some very very good cars out there for $86k. An $80,000 Tesla comes with cloth seats and a bad radio? Throw in the reliability concerns involved in dealing with a new car company and I may be moving on.
It also concerned me about Tesla's finances. The stock is super hot, and that's reassuring. But I don't see any progress on the summer rollout of more supercharger stations. That, and a few other things have made me wonder if Tesla had to raise their prices because they need the money. It is so difficult to start a new car company (or even keep an old dinosaur afloat).
Don't get me wrong- I think the Model S is a great car. More importantly, so do a lot of car people who know a lot more than me. But the buying decision just got a lot more difficult and complex for me.

I wouldn't be concerned with Tesla raising these prices because they "need the money". I'd be concerned if they lowered the prices because the "needed the sales".

It's a good problem to have as a company. You can buy a Fisker for 30% of the going price a year ago. The Tesla has increased their pricing during that same time period.

Tons of support in the mainstream media now, 25K+ cars out there this year, a new model coming out next year with thousands of reservations on the books already, SuperCharger rollout on fire right now (go check out the SuperCharger rollout thread if you want to see what is really happening) and this company is really going somewhere.

I don't think I'd let 6K get in the way of purchasing a revolutionary vehicle or checking out the Lexus RX line again.

I guess the good news for those of us who already own a P85 is the resale value just went up by a few grand.

The bad news is for those of us who are planning on getting a second P85 and selling our remaining ICE's is that the cost just went up quite a bit.

It is also seems to me that the original price increase effective December 31, 2012 with a 2 month advance notice period was done to stimulate demand and get people like me off the fence. Whereas the current price increase is probably more indicative of strong demand and Tesla's decision to take advantage of that demand. It also seems like Tesla is pushing people into the more profitable P85+ by offering the shortest wait time for it. There is nothing wrong with that, capitalism at its best, and nobody is forcing anyone to buy a Tesla and pay more. Still, it sucks to be on the receiving end of the stick.

While I still plan on getting a P85+, I will need to rethink how I option it out. First off, glad my spoiler is still not in yet. I will save it and put it on the P+. Frankly I would not pay $1,500 for it anyways.

Given the price offered, I will not get the following options:
Fog Lamps - $500
Ultra High Fidelity Sound - $2500
Extended Napa Leather Trim - $2500
Alcantara Headliner - $1500
Rear Facing Seats - $2500
Premium LED Lighting - $1000
Sub Zero Weather Package - $750
Parcel Shelf - $250

If the sound system is the same as the current studio sound package, then I would rather use that money to get a customized sound system. I will pay the extra for parking sensors.

My experience with the HPWC and dual chargers is that they are overkill given my driving habits (50 to 75 miles per day). My HPWC is giving me 43 miles of charge/hour set at 60 amps. I have not set it at 80 amps because I don't know if they fixed the fuse issue. In any case, I am fine with 14-50 which gives me 29 miles of charge per hour and does not need the second charger. Assuming the Supercharges bypass the dual chargers, which I believe is the case (please correct me if wrong), then the HPWC and second charger are not of any value to me (resale value aside).

BTW, does anyone know if there is a limit on the Fed tax credit? In other words, can you deduct $15k in one year if you buy two, or do you have to roll $7.5k over to the following tax year?

"Assuming the Supercharges bypass the dual chargers, which I believe is the case (please correct me if wrong)"

Correct. Supercharging does not require dual chargers.

In that case $2.700 saved.

My first reaction after reading comments and thinking about the increased cost was "rut roh", should I sell my stock now? I think the 85 and P85 just got pushed out of reach for many potential buyers, especially those willing to reach a bit.

It will be interesting to see how these increases affect sales.

I'd be very surprised if you could take the federal tax credit more than once.

I believe you can take the tax credit on a per car if you bought two MS's, yes, you could. That's my understanding.

Tech package no longer says rear backup camera. It would still be included, right?

Also, are there any fog lights without the option? I'd assume these are upgrades or something as I think all cars of the past 20 years have fog lights.

Still trying to determine all the changes between the old and new options/pricing.

Was the alcantara standard on the performance 85 and not available on the regular 85 and now is an option on all cars?


correct on Alcantara...was previously P only, now anyone can get it.

You can take two tax breaks in a year provided your tax liability exceeds the total credit. You can't carry over the credit.

Interesting. The car I ordered in early June was $114,770. A car as close to it today as possible is $113,470, but without the dual chargers which, as someone noted already, is no longer available without the High Power Wall Connector but the car today is less expensive than it was before. It is obvious to me that the base price has been reduced altho I haven't spent enough time to see by how much. I say that because my car under the new pricing would be less expensive but without the dual chargers which were $1,500 so when you add that back in the new car would be a couple hundred more dollars. Now there is a separate charge for the Active Air Suspension of $2,250; Carbon Fiber Spoiler of $1500; the All Glass Panoramic Roof is a $1,000 more at $2,500; there is now a separate charge for the Tan leather interior of $2,500; The 21" Grey PP Wheels are $1,000 more at $4,500; the Tech Package is $250 less at $3,500; the upgraded sound system is now $2,500 vs. $950; and the Obeche Wood Matte Decor is now $650 while it was included before. Help me folks what am I missing here? Many of you have said the car is now thousands more and I don't that.

there is no way on an apples to apples basis @jalley your car is the same price under old vs new pricing. Not possible. I am assuming you ordered a P model, which previously came with what now costs over $10K of 'options' including Alcantara, all leather interior, air suspension needs to take that into account. prices on an apples to apples basis has gone up. customization has gone up, thus people can get performance accents without getting a P, but pricing universally - again on an apples to apples basis - is up.

I agree with you jalley I have tried to do the same and I'm coming up with either less or a couple hundred more. Can most of these things be added at a service center if you already have the tech package?

My P85 bought in January for $97,900 is now $111,800 for the same spec - definitely a benefit to being an early adopter!

My car was scheduled to arrive on August 24. I wonder if they can add in the parking sensors? I emailed my Delivery experience specialist but he hasn't emailed me back yet. I'd love to still be able to add this in.

What are your thoughts on this and how easy/difficult they could add things slated for delivery later this month?

My delivery has just been delayed from August 5 to August 10. I asked if I could have the parking sensors installed because the car was delayed anyway. I was told that I would have to reorder the car and start over.

Confirmation that pdc will be retrofit

I ordered a P85 under the December 2012 pricing with all but a couple of options. The best I can tell, today my car would cost $14,550 more. Of course, my car would have cost $3,500 more in January 2013 because the 21" wheels became an extra cost option. So this latest price increase looks to be $11,050 for my car, or about 10%.

The increase seems like a lot, but makes good business sense. Lowering the base price while putting absurd prices on wheels, sound systems and headliners is a way to make the average car more affordable, yet extract more profit from the car snobs who have to check every box. Elon said that Tesla would raise gross margins, and this is a big part of it.

I'm scheduled to pick up my car on 8/5. After the web site changed for the new options/prices my dashboard reset to "...sourcing parts". I wonder whether the state of an order is not automatically updated on the web site, but done manually by someone like the Delivery Specialist and when they muck with the web site it loses that state information?

After only expecting the addition of things like parking sensors all the changes sure are interesting. The pano roof price increase is a big surprise. I wonder if they're trying to recover all the costs incurred due to the problems they had with it or are just beefing up their margins. Or maybe the design changed and it just costs them more.

Good news! I just heard back from my delivery specialist and I got this email below. He seems to say that they can definitely add it. I asked him for 100% confirmation via email or phone once he hears from the Configurations team. But he said since it hasn't entered production yet it should be possible.

I guess that is the dividing line of if it is or isn't possible. I'd be SO thrilled if they do honor my upgrade request as this was the ONLY thing I was holding out for.

"Great question! I just recently heard about our official release last night a few days ago, so we’ve been confirming the appropriate processes for this point forward. In order for our customers who have placed their order in advance, we’re going to try and accommodate each personal request. Your vehicle has not yet entered the production line, so we can move on this request! Please keep in mind though, if you change the order, all options will now be subject to the new pricing. Since I am on the delivery team, I am unable to make these changes for you- but I’d like to pass your interests along to our Configurations team so they can verify your new order.

I think the parking sensors are a great new feature, fantastic choice! I will send out a message immediately for this request, but while we are on the topic, please let me know if there are any additional new options you may also be interested in J

I apologize for the uncharacteristic delay in response, I wanted to ensure I provided you the exact correct information! Please let me know if you have any questions going forward.