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New Jersey

Are there any other Northern NJ reservation holders or Owners?
I will be getting my model S early 2013 and would like to meet other owners nearby.

Montclair area near Rt 3 corridor. Expecting delivery early Jan'13. P85 white, tan, obeeche, tech, pano, 19", NEMA 14-50 already installed.

You can also find NJ clubs under New York on the FORUMS main page when you are logged in.

Not sure yet if, when and what but most likely yes after driving the P85 last Wednesday.
I think it is time to get a NJ dedicated forum.

Dear Abby,

I am in Tewksbury NJ. Received my S at the beginning of Oct and loving every minute of it.

Bloomingdale, NJ....expecting Feb/Mar delivery!

Another Westfield. Expect delivery in January.

Tenafly, allegedly Jan/Feb

Owner in Sparta NJ. We have well over 4000 miles and smiling for every one of them. Yes, we should all meet!

Princeton, NJ. Expecting mine any week now...

P85 - Hillsborough, NJ - Blue, Grey int., 19", Tech - Expecting delivery this week.


You sound happy.
Are you sound a horse Person?
Love to find horse people who share our excitement about model S.
We are in Ca.

Sorry! where did that extra sound come From?

Monroe NJ. Expecting Feb/Mar.

When I drive to the Jersey shore this summer will I have to have someone plug in my vehicle? :o)

Morganville (Marlboro) - Living with and loving my Sig P85 for the past 3 weeks.

A neigh-sayer?

Not a horse person but having a lot around here you get a great appreciation of them...along with the farms and such....

I know those of you not from Joisey are confused as to why we are talking about horses and farms.

Hi - i'm just over the northern border in Pearl River, NY (Rockland Cty), res #5652 (85kw, Pano, Air, Green). Still waiting on a VIN#, but was given the Dec. 15-31 window - just curious for those expecting delivery this week, what was the timing from when you got the VIN# to delivery ETA?

Is it nostalgia?

Hello All, I am in Hackettstown, NJ. Would love to meet you all and get the feedback. I am P#13159 and still debating about getting Model S after hearing that it has many issues in Winter.

Glad you appreciate equos.
I live in Ca but was brought up in Nj and spent my summers on the Joisey shore,unfortunately where Sandi obliterated the are around Belmar and Spring Lake. Enjoy your M S.


I sent you a PM on

BTW, when will Tesla update this forum a bit?

@Brian H...LOL
Either that or smelling too much horse manure....

Brian H - New Jersey is big on horses, has more horses per square mile than Kentucky.

Just got mine 2 days ago and loving it! Silver P85. It is a game changing revolution! My prior car got flooded/totaled by Sandy so it didn't come a moment too soon. Waiting on winter wheels/tires (orderd on TireRack since Tesla's backlogged.) Had it out in snow/sleet yesterday on stock summer tires and it performed fine. spend most of my time around NE NJ and a bit of time around Sparta.

I live in Jefferson (near Sparta), and would like a referral for my charger installation. Just got my invitation to configure. My email is charcompol "at" gmail "dot" com

City folk get a kick out of horses. That's why they avoid them.

I'm getting a quote from solar city today. Any of you guys know of any good electricians in north NJ so I can compare prices?

Check Angie's List?

TC, I am in Jefferson township. Curious to hear your solar city quote, I have not got any quotes yet. Who is the solar city dealer in North Jersey?