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Model S Android App

Just downloaded the Tesla mobile app for Android. All I need now is my S.

seriously? from the public google app store?


Description from the Google Play Store:

The Tesla Model S Beta app puts Model S owners in direct communication with their cars anytime, anywhere. With this app, owners can:

- Check charging progress in real time and start or stop charge
- Heat or cool Model S before driving — even if it's in a garage
- Locate Model S with directions or track its movement across a map
- Flash lights or honk the horn to find Model S when parked
- Vent or close the panoramic roof
- Lock or unlock from afar
Known issues with the Tesla Model S Beta app include occasional UI glitches.
For more information about Model S, visit

awesome, getting it now...

WOW! Its here! and it works!

Nothing on iOS App Store yet...

Found one under Tesla Model S Beta. Testing now. Score jcoles!!!

Just got my S last night. I'll let everyone know.

SICK!!! Like the car wasn't enough. Everyone who sees this to is going to wonder why they are still in the stone age...

And thanks to Tesla for matching my tesla account to my correct VIN number. I'd certainly make sure that your account is pointing to the right VIN. Otherwise you may be controlling someone else's S.

Oh, and time to get a real password on my account.

tried all of the features listed and posting from car. seems to work well but approaching car with key did not auto-present the handles. maybe just a one time issue as that feature has always been variable on timing.

downloaded app. works very well. weird that android would be out before ios.

Very cool...let's see whose car gets hacked first!

"Track its movement across a map"---Can you track the speed of the car?--- or its energy use in real time?

@sandman, I concur, I really do wonder why am I still in the stone age. Model S with all the tech it has seems out of place, like some oddity fallen thru time portal from the future.

Don't think it will show speed but it def shows position just not sure about refresh rate. Does not show energy use, just charge info.

IOS app approval process takes longer. If they submitted both apps at the same time, Android would show first because Apple takes a bit more time to protect its users from crappy SW. I don't think it has anything to do with phone/OS religious debates. shows speed, based on the screenshots! :-) Happy day.

no way!

thanks. I just installed it and it is working seamlessly

You do need a VIN associated with the account to run the app! I don't have one yet... If I did, I would tell it to drive home from the factory! :)

Downloaded, it will be fun to check out once the car is here!

@tranhvh - aside from Android having much higher market share, the Apple approval process is much more cumbersome.

Stupid question: Is this Tesla's official approved mobile app? If so, why is it called a Beta?

It is a Tesla official application. Beta is a software engineering term meaning "Pre-release". Typicaly there is versioning - Alpha, Beta, RC1, RC2 (Release Candidate). Tesla used the same designation for their cars. The origional prototypes were Alphas, the ones many of us saw in the stores prior to July 2012 were the Betas and RC's.

Beta versions of anything work, but may be buggy, and not have full functionality under all circumstances. That's why some folks refer to owners of the current cars (like me) "Beta Testers"... LOL.

Hope that helps.

Greatest car on the planet!

Labeling the App "Beta" is Telsa's way of telling you not to expect perfection. I certainly hope they remove the Beta status at some point. Some apps keep it forever.

@jat: in the US (where pretty much all the Model S cars are right now, the market is split (iOS actually has an advantage). Globally, android does still have a 2:1 advantage.

What is the security of this? Can you just plug in a vin and control someone's car? The vins are located on the dash and legible from the outside so there must be some additional security right?

thanks for posting! this is fantastic!
for security i suggest periodically changing your log in password and make it complex if you can (caps, alpha-numeric, special characters)

@DFibRL8R based on previous comments here, it looks like you have to login to the app with your Tesla account credentials, which are associated with your VIN. So no, you don't plug a VIN into the app. Rather, you login with your (hopefully secure) Tesla user credentials (presumably the same credentials you use to login here), and as long as your account has an associated VIN, you should be good to go.

I don't believe the app showing up in the Android marketplace has anything to do with market share. I agree it has more to do with Apple's app approval process. I wouldn't be surprised if it arrived by the end of the week.

@DFibRL8R, your VIN is tied to your MyTesla account, which is what you use to login. You can't associate someone else's VIN with your account!