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Impact of Hot and Cold on Battery Longevity

Page 25 of the owner's manual says don't expose the battery to temps below -22 or above 140 F for more than 24 hours at a time. What is the potential impact to long term battery life if a Model S freezes or roasts for days at these temps?

Seems possibe a car could sit outside of the prime range for extended days if, say, you visit family up north and don't have easy acces to a garage or outlet.

Yes, it's always possible to create such extreme situations. If you have such needs, use something else.

Will you be frequenting Labrador often?

I live in southern California, so I am not sure there's any populated place in the contiguous United States that achieves -22F for more than 24 hours at a time.

I thought Death Valley, CA is the hottest place in the US with 129F in June. Where does your Model S live Iowa92x ?

In general, cold slows down the chemical reactions and prolong the life.

On the other hand, heat is not a friend. That's why Model S battery's temperature regulated regardless of outside heat or because of Superchargers.