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How many times have you rebooted your 17" Screen?

I'm in my 7th day of ownership, 100 miles on the car with 18 miles at delivery. I'm been sick for the past few days and didn't get a chance to drive that much.

I've rebooted my 17" screen twice:

Day 5 Fix browser not connecting to the internet, even with full 3G bars
Day 7 Fix connectivity from my iPhone TM app

Firmware 4.5 (1.33.54)
Delivered on 7/9/13
VIN: 14123

How many time have you rebooted since you got your car?

Thrice in seven months.

Still Grinning. ;-)

Once, when a small section seemed frozen. No problems since.

Still grinning after 5 weeks / 1500 miles!

In the 4 months I've had my car I have rebooted it once because I couldn't search for any addresses in the Nav. Every search resulted in "no results found". Seemed like a hiccup with Google or server side as rebooting didn't fix, and it started working again a few minutes later.

Twice in two months. Not sure I needed to the second time, but it takes a long time to pick up the 3G signal when I leave my office's underground garage.

One I first got the car, I had to reboot for the rear camera to work. No problems since.

A few times a day. My maps freezes atleast 2 times per day.

Many times in the last 6 months-- but only to clean the touchscreen fingerprints off. There was one time that I had to clear an error message when I first got it...

Picked up the car late Feb with firmware 4.3, had to reboot almost once a week to fix an issue where the rear view camera can not be moved to the bottom screen, or slacker radio would not display the title of the song, only the author and album name.

After firmware 4.4 update in late March, only rebooted once or twice just to reset the computer.

Had 4.5 for about a week, no reboots.

About once a month.

I reboot each time there is a software upgrade and haven't needed to otherwise reboot. Carry-over from PC habits where I found it avoided a lot of issues if I rebooted after installing new software to give the computer a chance to completely install the new software. PC reboot solves 90%+ of PC issues and same may be true for many Model S software issues IMHO.

Zero times in eight months


So if I reboot, say once a month on a regular basis, I can provocatively resolve any hidden issues before they become apparent?

I don't think it has been once a month that I've rebooted as the updates haven't occurred that often but couldn't do any harm.

I'd suggest waiting until something unusual happens, then first thing I'd do is try a reboot as your first response. You can also reboot the dash display by holding down the "Forward" and "Voice" buttons for about 10 sec. I do both when I receive the software updates from Tesla and forgot to mention that in last response.

If problem persists, then call Service or check out the forum for potential solutions. So far so good for me as I haven't experienced some of the unusual problems other have had. I took delivery in Dec 2012 and just turned 11,000 miles.

Once in the past 1k miles. Happened when I was surfing the web, but I did have only 3 bars. Hopefully this is not going to reoccur frequently.

2000 miles and not sure what you are talking about. Have never had a problem.

Once since 4/26 trying to fix Slacker problem that ownership fixed remotely. Still on 4.4.

I reboot as a preventative measure a couple times a month. I figure it can't hurt and it may help. Also I always reboot after getting a software update or after getting the car back from the service center. I think the habit comes from my long experience with computers and finding that a vast majority of the time it is helpful to reboot the system on occasion!

I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it may incur the wrath of the karmic guardians of car well being.

Zero in the month and a half I have had it.

I've never had to reboot a single time. I've owned the car now for 3 months and 3,700 miles.

Twice. Once when I took delivery of the car and another time just to see what will happen. Never had the need to reboot.

Zero in three months. Still on 4.4

Only the time with the DS when I picked up the car 5 months ago.

Zero in the past 6 months; twice in Jan. '13 with the Sw load that reduced vampire drain but also did a few other squirrely things to audio etc.

Never. 5 weeks, 1400 miles Knock On Lacewood!

I reboot it whenever I want to clean the screen. If you reboot, you have about 30 seconds while the screen is unresponsive and won't respond to touch input, so it is safe to wipe without unintended touch inputs.

1 time in 1 month (800 miles) to fix echo issue with hands free (iPhone).


TM provided a cleaning cloth that will not cause the screen to react to your touch. We've use it a couple of times already.

@kawaiia: hmmm... I did not receive any such cleaning cloth. I use a standard microfiber lens-cleaning cloth, but unless I reboot the screen first (or double the cloth about 4 times to prevent my "touch" from bleeding through the cloth), I get unintended input on the screen.

screen went blank last week wile driving-- pulled over - called local Tesla -- no service guys there but the Sales lady knew how to reboot --- no problem before or since.