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Have you noticed the torque & speedometer is there in reverse?

I pulled my SP into a long unobstructed parking lot. My passenger watched the instruments. There was plenty of acceleration & the speed was registered in reverse. I did not test the limits on this.

Why wouldn't the speed register while in reverse? You're moving, aren't you?

Have you ever tried this test with a conventional car? I haven't. I have no idea whether this is unusual or not.

My speed also registers in reverse. My Leaf has a digital speedometer too. Will have to see if it registers in reverse. Never paid any attention.

That's exactly the point - who is watching their speedometer in reverse? Purely forum fodder and nothing more.

I actually never noticed reverse speed in my previous ICE cars. Maybe it was there all along...

It might be just the nice electronic speedometer line that catches my eye more than any previous car when I'm pulling out of my garage.

All I know is that the odometer won't go in reverse. Learned that from Ferris Bueller.

@ John_Cohn -- Hopefully without the same outcome to the vehicle in the end :o)

Wife's 2012 Chev Equinox has digitial speedometer that registers in reverse.

Any of the mechanical speedometers aren't going to register speed in reverse due to the way they work, but digital ones should. Note that the LEAF set the speed record for driving a lap in reverse and the Model S should be able to crush it.

You would need to remove the limit Model S has for reverse speed to beat Leaf record.

Just find the right fuse ...

Assuming it isn't computer controlled, which I think the case is. You would probably need to hack the computer in order to remove that limit.

@Timo - what's the limit?

Now the big question is who will get the "reverse" speed record? Anyone tested the 0-60 time in reverse? B-)

@nickjhowe, IIRC 15mph. Something close to that. No speeding tickets in reverse.

I did 15mph in reverse during my 'lift bum off seat' testing. But it was dark and I didn't feel like going much faster. Didn't feel like the car was going to stop me going faster. Will try this weekend.

15 mph limit in reverse? SLT.

SLT? Seriously lazy transit?

Something Like That. ;)