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Great car, Love it, just some innate flaws...

We have recently taken delivery of our new S. Of course the car is fantastic and I know that the company is basically a small start-up company. We have found some basic flaws that should be addressed. 1. The headliner above the rear small triangular window is raw, unfinished and should have a trim piece. A little bit of age and this will be a big problem. 2. The sun visors, vanity mirrors are a joke. Both should be 60 to 80% larger and the mirror should be lighted. I plan to take one off of the car, go to a salvage yard and see if I can find a Mercedes or other car with similar mounting and clips that might work until Tesla provides better visors. Has anyone done this yet? 3. Floor mats, well, this has already been discussed. 4. Interior storage, likewise has been discussed and Tesla says they are working on some solutions. 5. Can they put the charging station finder apps in the app section? 6. Why aren't the high power wall chargers delivered with the car and if they are behind in production of these pieces, shouldn't they be paying for the shipping? 7. Colorado has a front license plate law. Would love to have the plate mountable inside the nose piece so it doesn't look like an add on. Also think that the black nose looks like an afterthought (our car is white). Can I purchase one of these to try to make these changes? 8. The armrests seem to be too tall and too far back which makes the cup holders useless. And why couldn't they put some storage in that tower? Love the car, ride, handling, overall styling. Got the 19" rims, looks way better than the big ones and is much less likely to damage or destroy the wheels on our pot holes and curbs. The 21" wheels must be for 21 year olds that don't have any experience driving. JMHO. Thanks, Rubber side down. RNG

Way to go and insult everyone with 21" wheels. I assume this is your first post here? Nice - very nice!

Jeez, you gotta lotta problems for a guy who says he likes the car. Maybe TM should just set you down in a chair and design their next model right around you.......

I think what he meant is the 19" rims are for the people who can't drive with hitting pot holes or curbs. The more accomplished driver opts for the 21" rim because they know how to drive.

Why is it that everytime someone points out what they consider issues with the MS they are attacked. I agree the 19" comment could have been edited out, but the rest is his opinion, need he be attacked for it? Can't people just ignore if they don't like? (I happen to agree with the armrest comment).

You're free to dislike the 21", I don't fancy them either, nor do I like the white 'color'. But you won't hear me say: Hey, did they forget to paint it! (Oops, said it :-) Respect people's taste, we respect yours!

I am expecting to pick up my car in 2 days and I agree with the criticisms.
Lets not whitewash everything and become Pollyannas. Every car has its share of issues.

WTF dudes? No need go whaling on him - he spoke his mind. And should be allowed to do so without getting bashed. After all even the comment on the 21" wheel he clearly stated "JMHO". You might wanna google that one....

So he finds stuff that he felt was not up to his expectations. Big deal.
No need for forum freaks to go all defensive. Those are valid opinions. many if not all I have seen been raised by others. It seems that if people do not praise the Tesla all together they are likely to get a real bashing in here.

Come on dudes. Grow TFU. Like your mother told you times and times again - if you ain't got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

I thought I read somewhere that they are looking to source different visors and they'll have lighted mirrors in them.

I agree that it's good to have some perspective and list what you don't like. That's how the company improves, it's called feedback.

Insulting those who choose different than yourself isn't cool though.


Agreed, RedShift. How will Tesla know what improvements drivers are looking forward to in future designs if we don't (politely) discuss our concerns.

To me the 21" rims look fantastic but I'd rather have the ride quality and ruggedness of a 19". I am well aware that I'm not the best driver (who is) and would prefer not to purchase replacement rims.

Agreed; the visors are silly and fell victim to form before function mentality. I think the OP's idea of searching for a stand-in visor is a good one... just be mindful that the low ceiling height in the cabin may prevent installation of a taller replacement. The vanity mirrors I personally couldn't care less about.

The armrest issue is more serious. I noticed it on a longer trip yesterday. I have a fairly thin frame and found that with my arms placed normally at my sides I had nowhere to rest my forearms. My right elbow could be rested on the edge of the sliding tray near the cupholders but this could prove a pressure point given enough time. It's a shame the centre console did not come further forward, relieving this issue. On the left side the door's molding does not come in very far. Larger folks may find this advantageous since there's plenty of room but for me it means extending my arm out quite a bit. I'm going to have lots of time to perhaps revise these notes though. Maybe I am being overly critical of the seating area for the driver.

The back seats are great though. I love them and the car as a whole is fantastic. A+ effort in general.

I think we can all agree constructive criticism is a good thing. However statements such as "The 21" wheels must be for 21 year olds that don't have any experience driving" isn't productive. IMHO

I am much older than 21 and test drove the same P85 model with the 21s and 19s with winter tires. The wow factor was definitely diminished with the 19s. The 21s may be slightly noisier, but the grip and acceleration is day and night difference between them. I have been driving my P85 with the 21s for several weeks now and love it. I have doubled my commute distance just to create a route with more twisties and less traffic just to spend quality more time in the amazing vehicle.

I hadn't noticed #1 (untrimmed headliner in rear) until actually looking at it now. Not something most people would notice and I'd rate it as very minor.
#7 - to redesign front for license plates - I disagree and like the way it looks (I have a grey car). I'd hate to have an ugly drag reducing indent for a license plate. The smooth lines are quite nice.
#8 storage in center tower - while nice idea, my understanding (but not confirmed) is it holds the main vehicle computer. It is not empty.

As the car is becoming more mainstream one would expect more people coming here to share their opinions. And this place will become a forum for everyone, not only dedicated supporters. Also, people who are on the market for 100K car have their bar very high. Small details do matter. A lot. I hope this place won't turn into a fight club because of that and we all will remain civilized about each other opinions.

Peace :-)

I agree with every thing richardngordon stated. The sun visors without lights in a car like Model S are a joke in fact embarrassing when I am trying to "show" the car to people. I don't agree with his comments regarding 21" wheels though.

It's interesting the different perspectives on the interior and other minor (or not so minor) gripes. Many mention that it is a $100k car. But it is also a $60k car, the extra $ largely being for battery capacity and technology enhancements, not aesthetics and creature comforts. I didn't pay anywhere close to $100k for mine, am quite pleased and do not miss the features most often complained about. Wonder if I would feel differently had I paid over $100k or had previously owned a car in that price range.

All the "observations" have been in other posts...

Yes, all the observations have been in other posts. With so many new people on the forum, 80% of the new posts have been discussed. The new people have not learned or don't want to research before posting.

All owner comments are welcome here! Or at least should be.

Armrests are fine for me - I pretty tall. The plastic visor mirrors were a let down though. Although, after 5000 miles, I have to admit that the have never used them. Not too interested in painted ladies anyway. Au naturale!

As far as the design goes, front nose etc. Let the professionals do their job. They need to appeal to a broad range of tastes. And the have been very successful IMO. There's a school called Art Center College of Design in Pasadena if you want to learn how become an automobile designer.

The three minor annoyances that I have had have been 1. Windshield washer sprayer pointed too low (taking it in to get it adjusted), 2. No passenger seat memory (that's pretty suprising for a luxury vehicle), 3. my homelink won't sync (I've tried all suggestions -- going to have them look at that too). But that said, I have yet to bring someone within ten feet of the car who doesn't get excited, and I have yet to bring someone on a drive who can keep from smiling from ear to ear when I punch it....priceless....Oh, and crank the sound, press the command button with your right thumb and say "Play In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins". Doesn't get much better.

FYI, I complained about the windshield washer sprayer and had them adjust in one of my service calls. My guess is they raised it 2 mm. They won't adjust it higher, saying the slope of the windshield makes it impractical or not easy. I don't buy their argument but I did not fight that battle.

I basically agree with all of Richards comments. Does that mean I think the car is not the best out there? No, because I think that it is the best when everything is considered. There are just a few minor things that need attention for some people to feel completely satisfied. Hey even Tesla is designed and made by humans!.
For a small car company to produce this level of performance and quality striaght off, is an incredible acheivement. I believe that these issues will be addresed in the not too distant future.
I would like to buy one now. I just wish that finances would allow me not to have to wait so long.

Wish people would look around at some other forums before starting a whole new one with same content that's already been covered. Every one of these items can be found using Am finding that the tesla owners forum is becoming more useful than this one.

The lighted and improved visors are 'on the way'. This has been discussed extensively on this forum, and even GB himself officially weighed in on the lighted visor issue. Not sure it is very high on their priority list right now though.

Visors are as big as they should be for normal size people who actually need to see the road ahead of the vehicle. I guess munchkin sized drivers might want taller visors.

It is incorrect to say that the flaws are innate. That implies that they can't fix the flaws without changing the fundamental makeup of the car.
The "flaws" are superficial and can be easily fixed when Tesla gets the time.

For a start up's first real production car it is one sweet ride....
GM and Ford have yet to produce a car of this quality and performance
If every car was custom made it would be priced like a ferarri.
Great job Tesla on the model S...sure there are some improvements that can be made and if anyone has concerns you should wait for the next gernaeration car...never buy a first year run...
Everyone is entitled to their opinion so here is mine: BTW...most of the items on the list were clearly visable on the car at the showroom....
I for one like the size of the visor...fits the slope of the windscreen better, any larger and it would block too much of the road...vanity mirrors? You're driving a Tesla who cares what you look like;.. Interior storage is the openess of the center console, ...the car is equiped with the to find charging stations i have charge point, recargo and blink saved in the favorites...that covers most locations of charging stations in the country...the front of the car looks sweet with a black nose and i have a white car too..i would hate to have a plate on the front....i would rather pay the occasional ticket for the missing plate...cup holder position sucks but you get used to it... for the 21 inch grey wheels...well....the p85 with 21's can only be compared to the porsche panamera and the maserati quatrroporte both of which the tesla blows away...even the non p85's, which you can compare to the mid size bmw and mercedes, look and perform better than those models...

I picked up my MS this last weekend and it came with only 3 valve stem covers. I paid $90K for a car with only 3 valve stem covers! Is this a totally unacceptable innate flaw, or something easily fixed in the fullness of time. For now I think I'll put up with 1 valve stem cover that does not match the others.

Otherwise perfect!


I was trying to make a point. Perhaps I failed.

I guess I am a munchkin. A wider sun visor is less expensive than making the seat rise higher.

I guess we are in good company since Elon wasn't happy with the sun visors either. Although, I wouldn't mind having the one that he autographed.