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Gilroy Super Charger Use!

This evening we pulled in to the Gilroy Superchargers to top off our Pearl w/pano S.
Almost immediately, another Pearl w/Pano pulled in. It turned out that this helpful gent took delivery with us on 12/30 and we shared the tour.
But wait! there's more!
While we are talking, another Pearl w pano pulls in to charge- so we had the three lined up!

Well, I had some SC problems, so these guys had left, and with in a minute or two, two black MS's pull in!

Wow! all in a very short time frame... that was pretty exciting for us and nice to see the SC stations getting good use.

It also explains why Gilroy area lights dimmed for a while! :)

Wow, thats a lot of traffic
I almost stopped there for a quick top off on my way back from Carmel today
Still had 100 rated miles left and the 4yo was getting sick in the backseat (wife blamed it on my driving) so I kept going

I supercharged in Gilroy a week ago, and there were two other S's that pulled up. I think they will need to expand the number of stations there to ~6 from 4. It seems to be quite busy.

I also have a Pearl with Pano S. Is that the most popular color now? I seem to be seeing quite a few these days, and certainly more Pearl or White than other colors.

I stopped by Gilroy on Saturday afternoon to give my S it's first major freeway test and check out the superchargers too. No one else was there when I plugged in, but two more showed up during the 45 minutes I was there. I also stopped by Gilroy in a pre-S car (not Prius) on Dec-27, and there were 3 in use.

While Gilroy is getting good use, the Harris Ranch now appears to be the major choke point with only one Supercharger.

Gilroy this Sunday

Haha that looks cool. Nice picture.

I would probably never really have a need to use a super charger, but I would still want to try it at least once for the novelty of it.

Why are two of the stations solid and the other two have holes? Is it just a stylistic thing?

The ones that have holes have longer charge cords, while the straight ones u have to be right next to them to have the cord reach the port. We charged at the Fulsom charger center and found out we had pulled in to far and had to backup in order to reach the port. Live n learn......;-)

"Based on a recent study done in California, 3 out of 4 S Models are black"

btw. harris ranch has two. the one for the roadster has an adapter for the S. I checked yesterday on the way up to to the factory. Picking mine up tomorrow! yeah

"Based on a recent study done in California, 3 out of 4 S Models are black"

Except at least two of them are actually blue ;-)

@ HansJ

That's the BEST picture I've seen today! Thanks for posting, keeps my hopes up!!

I was wondering about the far one....8)

so, where exactly is it located in the mall? what's the closest store for reference?

Gilroy chargers are next to the Sony store along the area facing the street. If you get to the Sony store, look down the side of the store and you will see the four stations by the adjacent street. There are also two public charge stations, which I have not yet figured out how to use them and pay for them

Behind In ' Out Burger


Why are two of the stations solid and the other two have holes? Is it just a stylistic thing?

The solid ones were installed first, and the newer "hole" versions installed about 3 months later in December.

1. Excited to see the use with a beautiful line of cars.
2. A bit worried about the prospect of showing up at an SC station, or other charging location, and having to wait a long time for a free plug. Looking forward to the SC buildout!

I drove down to LA around New Year's and only had to wait (both directions) at Harris Ranch. The wait times can be long there too.

So how does it work if there is a "line"? Do you pull up behind whoever you think will leave first, as with a gas station?

Or is there some form of waiting area where you wait in order for the next available spot? I wonder whether some unwritten waiting protocol exists amongst owners.

At Harris it was suggested you leave your cell # while charging so you can be reached when completed and the next S can get started. Either on windshield or with an agreeable attendant. Folks at Harris said they expect 6 more stations in the future. Just be aware and considerate.

Cool pic with the 4 Model S lined up! It's good to see that people are using the SC's, but also looks like we would be facing waits at busy times too.

I charged there about 2 weeks ago and I was the only when I arrived. After an hour of shopping I cam back to all 4 occupied (3 blues, including mine, and a silver).

There are also 2 J1772 chargers within sight of the Superchargers if they are all occupied.

Has anyone charged in Barstow on the way to or from Las Vegas? Also when in Las Vegas do most of the hotels have a nema 14-50 to charge at?

glenster: During the International CES in January, several Tesla owners drove to Las Vegas. The SuperChargers were always available during the drive. The Recargo app allows drivers to "check in" and post status of any charge station. I was able to post a warning to charge fully in Las Vegas before the drive to Barstow in freezing weather.

The KOA at Circus Circus has a "storage fee" of $20 plus tax to charge any EV with a NEMA 14-50 for 24 hours. I parked there during CES to avoid the frustration of only 6 public charge stations at the strip hotels. Before returning to SoCal, I checked at the Venetian and all charge spots were taken with others waiting. No question that the hotels need more charge stations or a SuperCharger should be added at Primm or Vegas for a quick "fill up."

Will be at Gilroy Supercharger on Thursday afternoon, 3ish. Hope we can squeeze ours in! LOL!

Last week I used the Gilroy SuperCharger in the late morning in the mid-week and mine was the only Model S using the charger.

I live nearby, and drive by daily. There are usually no cars charging.
I actually had to charge there last night at 11pm because we were out all day driving about with only 46 miles rated left, and I still had to drive up to SFO and back. Added a quick 150 miles and drove off :-)

@David den Boer,
How may bays are working?

All 4 work now, but may be all full on weekends. I wish there was some way to check which are free. Maybe they can add that to a future version of the mobile app.

I just used the Gilroy Super Charger @ 9:21 p.m. 3 out of 4 bays are in use. I suggest that there needs to be about 10 stations at this location.
OBTW the charge is insanely fast! I think we need more of these at every outlet mall.