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factory pickup cost

Is it possible to avoid a delivery charge of $1000 by picking up at the factory? If so, I may be tempted to make the trip from Fremont to Portland. Would be fun in any case.

No, the charge appears to be mandated and industry wide as apparently your "destination charge." All, correct me if I'm wrong...

That is correct. You could try telling yourself delivery is free but the mandatory tour of factory costs $990 if it will make you feel any better! :-)

And it's buy one get three free ticket price. Think of the savings!

There are many threads on this already but, to make it short, every automobile manufacturer has a delivery charge and it is averaged out among all of their vehicles hence the $990. With the personal delivery, many people spend two hours with the delivery person who is also well-versed in the vehicle. While my understanding is that is not always the case, it is included in the price along with the tutorial.

Haha. Yes its funny how the brain rationalizes.

Thanks for the info, and if I do pickup from factory I will detail my 700 mile journey.

the factory tour alone is worth it

I would love the tour but the drive back is a 2120 mile drive, which would be a blast, but take a long time without the SuperCharger network in place. #11878 Dolphin Grey/Black 85P 21"Grey Pano, Tech

Just wait 8 months to pick it up.