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Door clearance above

Does someone can tell me the current door clearance above the roof on model X. Is this ok fir most of indoor public underground parking lot?

There aren't any hard numbers yet, but Elon has said they're about equal to an Audi Q7 hatch. However, they don't have to open up to the full height.

would also like to know, maybe it could be guessed if a picture with both model S and model X from behind is pressent

From pictures I estimate about 1.5 times the height of the Model S with doors open, which would make it somewhere close to 85 inches or 215cm.

Can someone visit a Tesla Store and measure it from a Prototype? :-)

Elon has dropped hints of some major "falcon wing" developments. A hinge at the elbow in the door, so it folds flat on the roof (if desired)?

One issue: the falcon doors are under the rails, while the tailgate of an SUV is between the rails. In our garage, our Q7 rear hatch is programmed to open partway to avoid the ceiling (we have a low ceiling). It wold barely open at all if it was under the arable door rails.

height plus half the width?

So no roof racks possible?

There is a rumored secret brilliant Tesla solution to the ski rack problem. Speculation is running wild!

Come on, guys. Will someone who lives near the factory please go measure the clearance height needed for the falcon wings to be fully open? Thanks in advance.
Bill B.

The prototype isn't at the factory. It's at one of the new stores somewhere

And on top, it's a prototype.

...and as such subject to change. For example side mirrors don't exist in that prototype, but mirrors are required by law in many places. That's a problem with laws, they get obsoleted fast. I bet when those laws were made something like "digital camera" simply didn't exist, so in order to get side view cameras instead requires law change and that doesn't happen fast.

Falcon doors themselves might change.

It's actually a bit surprising to me to see that many reservations for a product that is hardly even beta-stage yet. It probably is a lot closer to final product than Model S prototype was for final Model S, but it still is prototype.

Okay, so my wife is hot to get a Model X. Our Model S is supposed to show up in December/January.

We live in a weird, Frank Lloyd Wright designed house, and I just converted the 2 car carport into a 3 car garage (keeping the original lines, mind you). So the garage doors are only about 7 feet high, and the opener's motor a couple inches below that. Will the X's doors open? The latter half of the garage (about 15 feet) will have 8' ceilings, so she can always back in if there are passengers.


I dunno if there are official measurements yet, but I recall Elon mentioning that the gull wings wouldn't need more clearance than a minivans rear gate.

My memory isn't reliable though, so take that with a grain of salt....... The size of a Buick :D

Seven feet is about 210cm. My estimation for those falcon doors is 215cm. Tight, wouldn't count on them opening full before hitting the whatever there is to hit.

Raise the ceiling or lower the floor. ;)

The car itself can be lowered a few inches. Perhaps this happens automatically when the car is placed in park. I am also wondering the height of the opened doors, because it looks pretty high in one looks at Elon's demonstrations, since he is nearly 6'2. Of course camera angles make it hard to say exacty. he curvature of the door itself will help ensure that it does not hit anything when it is opened, but in my case, I am not sure I will be able to open them with the garage door open. Only time will tell. With my F150 I have about 3 inches clearance between the garage door and the roof.

I can't wait to see it in person. The Tyson's Corner showroom in VA is opening soon!

Just to ad to my prior comment, with a low ceiling and garage door, there should still be enough room if the car is backed in. This is something I do anyway, and with an EV there will be no fumes to worry about.


Does anyone know if the falcon wings can open separately? or do both have to open at once and can you manually open them?

Joey on the reserve 1930

They can be opened one at a time and yes they can be opened manually (Retracting Door Handles)

Rep says the doors will also have sensors that will stop them from crashing into anything overhead.

As a Delorean owner I assure you all that if done correctly the falcon doors will work fine, most of you will love them, I never had a problem with my 30+ year old gull wing doors...

Wish they had them as an option on the S.

I would think private garages are not that much the issue (you can drop the kids off before you park the car - the worst that will happen is that they get wet!) but underground/mall/airport car parks would be one - at least in continental Europe, the ceiling height of those tend to be around 190cm to 210cm, seldom more.

Built for and by dwarves?

@carl.leermakers, I don't think I have seen 190 cm ceiling in any building modern enough to have garages. Half of my friends could not walk straight in places like that. More like 220 cm minimum, 250cm normal.

If 190cm is really common in your neighborhood those airports/malls must have been build in dark ages. Which doesn't make much sense. Some ancient buildings can have very low ceilings, but in general those would not have been intended for cars (or horses or anything like that). Not speaking of experience though, just that I have hard time believing that that would be common phenomenon in entire continental Europe.

BrianH: Didn't know you were a NBA player of 210 cm :-)

Many car parks in Hong Kong got 180cm ceiling. My Toyota Alphard cannot enter any of them as well.

180cm is really low. I could not even walk there straight and many cars could not even get there. Any VAN/SUV/off-roader are out of question definitely.

Yeah, and if you have 3cm. heels and a 2cm. haircut, you'd be in trouble even if you're 175 cm!