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Tesla Model S Leasing Program brought to you by MVL Leasing

We have all been awaiting a quality electric car like the Tesla for some time now and it is finally here. People have started taking delivery of their long-awaited Tesla Model S and until now customers only had the purchase option available to them. Working with Tesla Motors Canada, MVL Leasing has proudly developed a leasing program specifically for the Tesla Model S.

The leases we have developed are open-ended with reasonable residual values and an affordable fixed interest rate! MVL has been in the leasing business since 1983 and has developed a reputation for finding, selling, and leasing high performance cars. The Tesla Model S only complements our reputation and you can rest assured that you are dealing with experienced professionals with a proven track record.

To obtain a lease quote simply call me with the configuration of your Model S and in working with you we will develop a lease that is best suited for your needs and driving habits.

To learn more feel free to contact me for a quote and to discuss your various options.

Wishing you many smiles and many miles,

Neema Sharifi
Sales and Leasing Consultant
MVL Leasing Ltd.
Office: (416)-253-6995
Mobile: (905)-921-8355
Your source for high performance and leasing solutions.

It's only for Canada. You should have mention it

Yes although we would love to lease everybody, right now we are only serving the Canadian market.

So EU and Can. now have leasing. It will be interesting so see if that has the expected large effect on sales!

I think Model S acquisition would definitely improve if leasing was an option in the US. Don't they realize most of us want to lease so we have the option to trade up to the newest and baddest Tesla models 5 years down the road?

Scheduled for next summer in the US. TM really doesn't need the sales boost yet! Production hasn't quite matched new orders/wk yet, much less cut into the backlog.

Seasons Greetings from MVL Leasing to all you Tesla Lovers!

Our leasing program is in full swing and has garnered a lot of interest. To those Canadians looking to lease, look no further. Feel free to call or e-mail me for information or to arrange a quote.

Take care and be safe this holiday season!

I hope everyone is excited about their Tesla Model S. I've already started to see some on the road. There is a Tri-coat Red one that I always see around Sherway Gardens; looking good!

Many people have already taken advantage of the leasing program with our soonest delivery being in March/April. If you have been thinking about leasing or did not know that your Model S can be leased, please give me a ring or shoot me a quick e-mail. I'd be happy to discuss your options.

Just a reminder that right now we are only serving the Canadian market.

Take care and happy motoring!

Neema Sharifi
Sales and Leasing Consultant
MVL Leasing Ltd.
Your source for high performance and leasing solutions.

"Spam" is routinely deleted from this thread. But perhaps you can escape that fate by labelling your post "Advertisement" up front, and keeping the content very general.

I would suggest putting it in the Canada forum, but we don't have one. How about starting a single "Advertisement" thread for all types of ads?

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