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Telsa S 17" Infotainment Center - who makes it? And is it possible to buy and install elsewhere aftermarket?

Tesla lovers,

Please don't blast me for this post.

I am a Multimedia developer and I am absolutely in love with the upcoming Tesla S 17" Infortainment Center - however I do not have the funds to buy a Tesla car. I own a Camry hybrid - that of course has half electric power.

My question is - does anyone know if Tesla would sell this infotainment unit on its own and then I would have a custom car installation place install it into my Camry? Is there a company besides Tesla who manufactures the infotainment center that I can contact? Does Tesla have an aftermarket department I can talk to about this? I know this car is not out yet - but I thought I would get feedback on all of this....


Google helps, for example.

BMW is planning to use same system, let´s see how external applications can be used and what will come to the market. Something like Renault RS monitor app for Iphone/pad including lap times, acceleration, gravity meters etc.

I remember reading somewhere thatboth LG and nVidea had their tech in the info center, but i don't know how's name would be on it. IMHO, the combo is Tesla's, so I'd expect they will have the say in it's aftermarket availability. I'd also expect them not to offer it.

It's great to see the idiots on the forum haven't change in 4 years from asking silly questions!

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