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Supercharger Announcement Pushed Back. Again.

Elon has tweeted that this week's announcement will now be the loan repayment, so supercharger announcement pushed back. Again. Urgh.


I really think he is waiting for a large batch of SCs to be ready. I know it was just a couple of weeks ago they got approval from the Twin cities council in IL to install the chargers.

The full extent of this wave of superchargers may depend on the funds available from this round of share sales. Elon should know the exact figures this week.

@Thumper, my guess is that Tesla PR is equipped for about 1 big announcement per week, and this week it's the loan repayment. What's really killing me is that this probably means the mystery announcement is also pushed back. :-(

But that is bad planing... weekend is memorial day weekend and folks need to know travel options.

Elon you fooled me once, fooled me twice - super charger announcement is of no importance to me any more. You had your chance and you wasted it.

@Kleist, no argument there...I am taking my first ever "out of range" trip and have plans to use public chargers, but a supercharger sure would be nice (esp. since I've been told they're building one on this route!).

@riceuguy - I had to call what it is. This week would have been perfect, next week... YAWN.

I love my MS and I love my company in my backyard - but this just bad, bad, bad PR.

Definitely annoying 5 weeks after first announcing this announcement, and especially because of Memorial Day. I suspect that the longer they wait, the more Supercharger locations can be officially announced. Once they are, all will be well and us early adopters can remember about how things were "in the days before Superchargers".

Or they'rewaiting for gas prices to go up and make the publicity that much sweeter.

Sorry I have to vent a little more...
If Elon is busy with loan repayment (very important) this week, why can't some one else e.g. J.B.Straubel make the supercharger announcement. Tesla has to grow up from a one man show to a company.
One annoucement per week is all what a $10 Billion company can handle... give me a break.

I am disappointed because although the Tesla Model S is a great local car, and I, like most others, do the vast majority of my driving locally, driving it longer distances (I've done this twice; one a 500 mile each way trip) without Superchargers is a tedious pain in the butt. One has to sit around with a thumb up one's nose for 6 hours or so at an RV park and drive much more slowly than one would like.

I too am disappointed. I regularly travel between Reno/Sacramento/San Francisco. I have been hoping for a new SC along the I-80 corridor; Roseville Galleria would be the perfect place. Also I am eager to plan other trips and just want to know where they are going.

I suspect that they could easily handle more than one PR announcement per week, but they want to maximize PR by spreading it out. I guess I can't blame them for that. So why not delay the loan repayment by a week?

Still, I think we are spoiled. No other car owner can expect free gas, much less free electrons!!


"Roseville Galleria would be the perfect place. "

The Folsom SuperCharger is about 7 miles out of the way. From Sac, take 50 to the SC, then Hazel Ave / Sierra College Blvd back to I 80

Geeze folks. I don't think the announcement was about rolling out superchargers for everyone in time for Memorial day.

Tesla can make as many announcements as it has. The reason they pace them is because of the news cycle. It's not how fast Tesla can pump them out. It's how fast the press and the public can absorb them. If you release everything at once, you get a one time blip and that's it. Space it out, and you can keep in the news, and on the public's mind for as long as you have stuff to report.

The more important take away for me from this thread is the move from early adopter acceptance of travel related charging issues to owner realization of the actual impediments to EV usage. I'm still a local driver and happy as a clam. That's me and some others I would think but if I were Tesla, I'd have my finger tight on the pulse of this one as it is truly a deep rooted seed of possible discontent.


That's how it's done.

And I must say that I like the way Elon is handling all these announcements. I don't mind the delay of an extra week or two. As long as he keeps sending his tweets on a weekly basis, it's ok with me.

These are exiting times, enjoy it.

Things that weren't possible before are possible now. Think about that.

For me, all these other announcements are fluff/nice to haves. I want Superchargers! Summer is almost here!

@Lola, yeah, I could totally take the ICE on my out of town trip, and I'm happy as a clam as a 95% local driver. I just want to brag to friends and neighbors about the trip being free and super convenient, not just cheap and less inconvenient than you'd expect!

It is an embarrassment of riches that good news is coming at such a pace that Elon has to juggle time to get them all announced. This is good for Tesla, and in turn good for us. The financial health of the company is important, as that will help guarantee Tesla is around to keep building out the SC network. I understand why the loan repayment announcement is a priority.

A delay of a couple of weeks regarding in a progress announcement in a several year plan is not a big deal. If that's all it takes for some of you to have lost faith or to feel that Elon has "wasted his chance" on you regarding his timing for this... that seem pretty short sighted.

I say, keep 'em rolling, Elon... each week the ride is getting even more fun... and I don't get my car til Friday!


I completely agree with Kleist. As I said in another post, this entire process has the appearance of the BUSH LEAGUE! Having a CEO randomly tweet, in an almost offhand way, gives the impression of not having any sort of plan. The previous master of this process, Steve Jobs, managed to build anticipation and adhere to a schedule. But this pattern of poor communication goes back to the very beginning and involves most all facets of the enterprise.

I'm also interested/concerned that George Blankenship appears to have gone undercover. Come'on man!

The impact of announcement of paying off the doe loan might have a wider impact then the supercharger would this week. Especially if the president will be involved.

More media will cover it, write about it. Need to give it a week to get digested. Result move MS purchases, more money to build more SCs quicker.

Might turn out instead of only one SC along your route, you'll get two.

It is frustrating the announcement is pushed back, but this doe payoff is good for Tesla and good for the MS owner. Acceptable delay, IMO.

The first day of summer is Friday, June 21. Plenty of time to get the 2013 Supercharger lineup set, and the perfect day both to make the Supercharger announcement and to have a number of high-profile new locations up and running.

Does anyone know how long it takes to install a supercharger once the permit is issued? Or how long installation takes after groundbreaking?

We found a couple Supercharger sites with electrical permits by poking around. No ground broken yet, but the underground utilities were located and marked.

As others have said, it's a several year plan. I don't think they've got 20 superchargers "hiding" throughout the US and Elon's going to make an announcement and, voila, they'll pull the cover off of a ton of superchargers. It's probably just going to be an update on when and where they'll open them. Remember, most of the announcements have been underwhelming.

Contrary to what others say, I think this is all very well choreographed. Elon's on again / off again announcements build the hype - the man knows what he's doing and making the most out of his ability to get media coverage.



Announcing the superchargers is one thing, getting them built is another. I'm sure construction and permitting are ongoing (based on elec WA permits) they'll be ready at the same time regardless of the announcements.

Wow. I thought I was hard to please.

I have my share of frustrations with Tesla regarding communication. Elon's tweets, announcement and/or delayed announcements are not among them. I find it entertaining and brilliant marketing. Look at the tremendous amount of free press Tesla has gotten.

As for the delay. Albeit not button down corporate communication....I can happily live with it. I look at it this way. Stock skyrocketed. Tesla VERY WISELY decides to capitalize on this and initiate a second offering. This maximizes the amount of $ they get while minimizing the dilution effect. Very nice indeed. All of this happens in the middle of the trilogy of 5 announcements. New inflow of capital makes repayment of loan a reality. A reality that did not exist at the beginning of the 5 of 3 announcement thing! They capitalize on it, make things better for TMC, shareholders, AND the goal of ushering in a new age of personal transportation. For that, I gladly can both wait longer for the SC announcement and happily forgive the "clunky" method of deliver.

At the end of the day it has many of us talking about it, which is also a win for TMC.

Finally this is a guy who is in charge of Space X, Solar City and TMC. I would submit that is much more than Steve Jobs ever had on his plate. He is succeeding at all three. Unprecedented. If the price to pay for moving us all forward like this is a few delayed announcement then is that really that big of a price to pay?

Tweet on Elon, tweet on.

But why is the loan repayment announcement a priority for this week?????????? I see no reason why it could not be done next week, allowing the supercharger annoucement this week as promised. Whether they annouce this week or next week that the loan is payed off will make no difference in publicity. This is not true for the supercharger annoucement. Some of us need to make summer travel plans and are delaying this until we know if and when additional superchargers will be available.

C'mon Elon, just tell us when and where there will be more superchargers!!!

Elon seems to go by the under promise, over deliver mode of communication. I would rather he wait to make supercharger announcements until they are nearing completion. Many people I know are skeptical of EVs because of charging access. If more superchargers are soon to be up and running, it could spur many more sales to those on the fence.

I actually like that he is managing to spead out the news on a weekly basis. He knows how to make the most of the free marketing which is what this all is. the SCs are builg build regardless, the annoucement does not change the construction schedule.

Patience is a virtue folks

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