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Navigation without Internet?

I test drove the Model S today. The salesman told me that the navigation system only works when connected to the Internet. That can't be right, can it? I'm talking about the Nav with the tech package. Thanks.

That can indeed not be right. It would be the only Nav system relying on 3G service alone. I have been to too many places without any phone connection and would have been screwed with our Navigation System. I don't have my car yet, so I hope an existing owner can shed some light on this.

Google maps presentation on the big screen is Internet dependent. The turn by turn nav on the dash is on board data base.

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This has been discussed extensively. Use to search these forums.


Im a owner with the tech package.
Garmin overlays google maps to create an incredible combo of step by step on dash as well as on the google maps on the big screen with traffic etc. I was on the edge and was going to just go with google maps but I found it truly valuable and one of the best designed total packaged navigation I have seen.